About us

choose your place: a businessman who loves to write, his business will not be bad; Any business can write their own stories, communicate with each other, encourage, learn; Location: where businessmen write entrepreneurial stories!

why choose this platform:

my "dream" youth, the dirty little secret! - Zediersheng


where the name came from:

why named "born in" - Zediersheng


is about choosing a place to start a business. You can write about starting a business, doing business, living and working, or winning and losing. And choose the place to be born together to record, to be proud of a lifetime of "works".

is specially used for these businessmen/bosses/entrepreneurs/writing chronicle lovers who love writing. Under the circumstance of not breaking the law, they do not delete posts, do not block number, advertise content, keywords and links, so as to make writing more convenient and free, and do not be troubled by such things as block number.

provides mobile apps based on iOS and Android.

The most important thing about, is based on mobile Internet two-dimensional code mobile business card, business card information cloud management, real-time update, all friends instant synchronization. Just scan micro business card qr code, you can save your business card information to the phone address book. No need to carry a lot of paper business CARDS, convenient. One key backup of address book.

The most important thing about is that the micro business card connects to the selected place story article, and the stories you write will be updated to your micro business card in real time.

business is to do trust, business CARDS issued is basically meaningless, but choose the place and born micro business CARDS, keep pace with The Times, not convenient for customers to save business CARDS, but also to see your business story/product advertreads, trust, impression increased many times, good story, make money to old.

choose the place and born micro business card: let your story has a business card, let your business card has a story!

if you have any questions or Suggestions about the product, please contact us:

website: http://www.zediersheng.com

weibo topics: #Zediersheng #

WeChat official account: zediersheng

Full name of : hebei jiuxin culture and media co., LTD.


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