AAK Hydraulic Valve w/ URMA Reaming Technology
Createtime:2021-11-23 16:50
No. 456 Taikang Middle Road, Yinzhou, Ningbo, China
Product details

Few Manufacturers Have URMA Reaming Technology, But AAK Hydraulic Valve Has And Makes High-precision Multi-stage Spool Holes.

Kaden, a hydraulic valve purchaser from the United States, has been successfully purchasing hydraulic valves from China in recent years, and his boss also attaches great importance to him. Last month, at the original hydraulic valve manufacturer, he placed an order for a hydraulic valve block with multi-stage valve spool hole. The manufacturer confirmed that there was no problem and submitted the PPS of hydraulic valve block for 3 times, but the accuracy of valve spool hole was not approved every time. This made his customer very unhappy and thought it was a waste of his time. If the 4th hydraulic valve block sample still could not be approved, the order would have to be cancelled. The boss was also surprised and asked him to solve it within a time limit. Kaden felt unprecedented pressure.

Kaden realized that the current hydraulic valve manufacturer must be replaced and contacted with no less than 10 hydraulic valve manufacturers. No factory has the ability to accept the order of this hydraulic valve block. Because the valve spool hole of this hydraulic valve block had a multi-stage structure, the accuracy was difficult to be controlled, the diameter tolerance of the valve spool hole of the hydraulic valve block was small, and there were many accuracy requirements such as coaxiality.


Kevin Wang

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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