My "youth dream", that little secret!

2018-08-18 17:27 | Readtime: 6min
It was originally intended to draw the title: My youth, my dream, think of me as a youth, still called: My youth dream!
I am a "webmaster"
Like other webmasters, they also have a dream ~~~
It would be great to have an independent website / platform, run it and make him bigger and stronger!
Things go wrong
This idea has been around since the start of business in early 2013.
Starting a business is not easy, but how easy is it to start a business!
    The 12-year lunar calendar returned to Shanghai from Shijiazhuang in August ...
    I started my business at the beginning of the 13th year. I remember very clearly that the morning of the year was very cold and the wind was biting. I got up at 6 o'clock with my little friend and rode my hometown motorcycle. Looking for a house here, more than 2 hours' drive to the address we have already selected, the office space was determined that day, and the work was neat;
    I have been waiting for 5 and a half years. At the time of writing this article, we have selected a new office address. We will move to a new office on another day. Perhaps, when you read this article, we are already at the new address. Keep fighting.
    Speaking of more than 5 years, there are not many twists and turns. If it is made into a movie, it is a bit like "The Legend of Forrest Gump" running away from the beginning with no direction; learning to do business, recruiting, and accounting. Day after day, year after year, until I do n’t know which day, the team members are already “old” colleagues.
   The biggest change in the past five years or so has probably changed from being a single player to being the leader of a team. After having more colleagues, I found that I often faced problems that I had never thought of before or did not want to solve. The relative benefit is probably the satisfaction of the so-called "reliable team" in many of the company's population.
   The biggest gains in the past five years are the days when Zhang Youwei's teachers gave lectures in various places. I never thought how hard it was. Every company will have a lot of gains, from management, from business, from the system ... Enterprises have something to learn and awesome. Doing internal training for outstanding companies, I am willing to share, and I am always happy to share it.
    The biggest gratification in more than 5 years, I have not stopped network promotion \ SEO optimization is probably one of them, not because of business needs or because of survival. I am doing network promotion just because I want to send "information" It ’s so happy to show it and grasp the latest and most effective promotion methods.
    But my heart never let go of that original dream.
    I know
    Promotion on the Internet is inseparable from three elements (text, pictures, videos), but these contents always have a "carrier", but most platforms are very strict management, especially in the past two years, advertising is not allowed in the content. Contact methods are allowed, links are not allowed, pictures or telephones or brands are not allowed on pictures ... all kinds are not allowed.
    When we do training, we often talk about writing and writing. On B2B platforms, blog platforms, and other open platforms, we often publish and disseminate our own company / product information, but there are always students who encounter the above-not allowed content, even if they do not pay attention Dozens, even hundreds of excellent "diaries" that have been titled, have been emptied. What about pain, various complaints, and appeals? If you delete it, you delete it. The platform side's attitude is mostly ignored, and many of our students are distressed.
    I have been doing promotion myself for so many years. It is very clear that only traffic will not bring satisfactory transaction volume. Good content can promote transactions. Marketing is content-oriented, which means writing stories. I know the benefits of writing and I also taste I have had the sweetness of writing (I once wrote a long Weibo that signed more than 300,000 orders within a month's communication time) Many of our students are also writing and the business is constantly improving.
    However, publishing articles written by myself on these "strict" platforms, inadvertently appearing contact information or brand names or banned words, was titled, it is simply ... angry, but others in the construction site dominate, we What can it do!
    So I sprouted up the idea of ​​being a writing platform, which is specially used by these writing-loving bosses / entrepreneurs / writing note lovers. In the case of not violating the law, do not delete posts, titles, advertising content, keywords and links Put it casually to make writing more convenient and free, not to be bothered by things like title.
    It happened to coincide with my original dream. I just did it. I set up a project team specifically to develop this writing platform and named it: Born to choose a place (I will write in the future why I choose to choose a place. This name)
    Our goal is to make a writing platform that is clean (no ads), simple (easy to write), and free (blogger articles can publish their own advertisements, with content and contact details, and links). This is destined to be a trivial and mediocre platform. We have decided that all members are charged, because the "free is the most expensive" platform, the operation and management costs are very high, so we are not free.
    The platform usage fee is 365 yuan / year (equivalent to 1 yuan per day). This will not be explained too much. At 365 yuan, you ca n’t afford to buy it. You ca n’t buy it at a loss. It is highly recommended to register for paid use.
    Come and create your own "story" together!
    I will also make a choice on my homepage to continuously update the content and record the "story" of our creation of this platform.
    Born to Choose a Place A businessman who loves writing will not be bad!
                                                                      July 11, 2018
                                                                    Cheng Junbang


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