Wild Matsutake website: The evaluation of the founder of Yun

2020-03-31 13:47 | Readtime: 2min

Matsutake Li Yunya:

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 Hangzhou Yin

    Yunya Matsutake's website is ready! www.yunyasongrong.com (Wild Matsutake Website) Actually, it should have been online on the first day yesterday afternoon. After picking up my child in the afternoon, I have no time to watch the Internet!

Special thanks to Teacher Cheng @Cheng Junbang for deliberately explaining to me yesterday afternoon. Afterwards, the website's notes, and the keywords of Matsutake were sorted out for me, and how to write the article. Teacher Cheng also deliberately explained to colleagues, and taught me how to maintain the background The website, how to write articles, and send links, is really grateful for, Mr. Cheng said that the website will belong to my site in the future. Keep it well, there will always be a world. Oops, but my level is limited. Teacher Cheng has taught it well, and I'm worried that I didn't write well. Special thanks also to Teacher Zhang @Zhang Youwei, when you are confused, give me directions. The reason for purchasing the website is also consulted with Teacher Zhang. Meet Ms. Zhang, Ms. Cheng, Ms. Hu @Hu Qiao E-commerce Goddess, and a lot of classmates. This is an upward force that attracts me and moves forward! https://weibo.com/7100410109/HAKpzeiGU

Zhang Youwei:

    @ Cheng Junbang Teacher has been doing official websites for various enterprises. He is really careful in doing specific things, and follow-up services make the bosses tremble. One of the bosses was in art, and he provided him with an official website. Just modifying the picture can ensure that all the Internet companies lose money. Teacher Cheng must change to his embarrassment.

Psychological Sandbox Li Shoulong:

    Teacher Cheng, who can be recognized by hundreds of entrepreneurs (whether active or passive, at least with a certain level of cognition), is impossible without real materials.

@Cheng Junbang:

    [Thank you for your support.] We not only do the design well, complete the website production (pc + mobile), the seo basics are set up, the keywords are well laid out, and the website can communicate with the website problems at any time during the one-year service and solve them in time. No secondary charges.



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