Why the name "Zediersheng"

2018-08-16 20:27 | Readtime: 1min
When I decided to develop this platform, I began to think of a name for the platform, because the platform positioning: a community platform for businessmen to write entrepreneurial stories! So I have been thinking of the names related to "business" and "entrepreneurship"!
I thought a lot of names and asked a lot of friends. Of course, doing business must be related to finances. I checked a lot of information and combined with the original purpose of creating the platform (my "youth dream", that little secret!) I thought of a return A good name, "Choose a Land", but after reading it for a few days, I feel very "soiled" and too naked. I always feel that the word land is good, and many names are grafted on the back, such as choosing a place, living in a place, Site selection, deep loading, etc ... but it feels inappropriate.
I accidentally thought of the name "born in a place" ecstatic. Every friend and passerby I met, anyway, I asked people: What do you think of the name "born in a place"? Is a writing community platform for businessmen. The answer is: the first feeling is very good!
Health: make money, grow, business, survive, endlessly! The moral is good.
Born to choose a place: Wei Xiaowei, prosperous, every time I read the name has a feeling of rebirth, very comfortable.
There is a choice in the underworld, and it is determined that "born in the land" set sail ~~~


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