"Businessmen" who love writing and business are not bad!

2018-08-20 09:50 | Readtime: 2min
The slogan of the title did not come out of thin air. It was the observation of nearly 10 years and the investigation of the entrepreneurs around me. Of course, the most important thing was to verify it for myself!
Doing business on the Internet is inseparable from text, pictures and videos, and text is the most important! Of course, not just on the Internet, as long as you do business, you can't do without copywriting.
We have no background, no resources, and it is not easy to do a small business. Instead of going to the streets to send out flyers or making N harassing calls, it is disgusting. It ’s better to calm down and write your own product and be your own business manager. Your own gain or loss ~~~
You can observe the brands in any industry that can be spoken, have their own stories, have their own heritage, almost all inherited by copywriting, there is a story alive, why not record it? Even if you fail, when you get older, read back on your own experience.
When many of our trainees started their own businesses, they started chasing around, doing this promotion, doing that promotion, looking for this, marketing, and planning, but the copywriting didn't land, and many of the actions were ridiculous. Afterwards, I found that business is naturally good, and the Internet has a memory, and the leftover text can be passed on for a long time. Maybe some people will find you want to buy your product through this article.
"Businessmen are persisting" who tasted the sweetness of copywriting. Those who did not taste the sweetness also acted, and wrote it right. Don't worry about it, it says that everything is coming ...
Let's go and see. Which of the major platforms you are familiar with and the business around you is doing well, which is not the best copywriting? Either Weibo or Weishang, Taobao Jingdong fights a lot, and ultimately it is copywriting. Most of the brands that can be deposited in the industry depend on copywriting.
"Businessmen" who love writing and business are not bad! Do not believe? You try it, as long as you are true, do n’t care about writing right or wrong, and you will be “addicted”.


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