Do good things without leaving a name, but keep a diary!

2020-03-31 14:05 | Readtime: 1min

When I was a child, I often heard elders say: "The adult's mouth has" poison ", and their curse against you will be fulfilled. Some people also say that the adult's mouth has" honey ". Make good efforts and get his / her blessing. Will be happy.

    I think this is mental power, so I study and work hard to bring positive energy to the people around me, so that I will definitely be blessed. [lovely]

    When you have good intentions and help your friends, you will be grateful. The gathering of these gratitudes will bring you good luck.

    Of course, when you have bad thoughts in your heart, you will also accumulate bad luck, and there will be retribution in the near future.

    Do everything with good intentions, everything will go well, sharing knowledge and experience or sharing items will accumulate good luck. It may not be the best, but it must be in a good direction.

    Do good things without leaving a name, but keep a diary, just like I would share my knowledge to my personal homepage of choice of land: I believe I read People who benefit from my article will definitely thank me so that my good fortune will slowly accumulate.

    Summarizing and recording your own experience in the industry will not only improve yourself, but also help customers. I believe that if you continue, your business will become better and better. [Businessmen who love writing will not be bad.]

    The poor are good at themselves, and the good at the world!

    In addition to being alone, if the person or thing around him is praised by the heart, they will definitely feel it, and then there will be a good return;

Believe that your good fortune will come soon ...



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