Housekeeping cleaning tools website: An analysis of the netw

2020-03-31 14:05 | Readtime: 2min

Fundamental analysis of smart mop network promotion:

    Website registration for 1 year, 7 months, 15 days, Baidu weight 0, Baidu included 190 articles, site: instruction home page is not first The homepage is also included, the problem is not big, and you can come back) There are 2 keywords in the keyword library that enter the first five pages of Baidu, one is the product page and the other is the homepage (indicating that the content of the pages on the website is good, and the homepage has not been downgraded, But the weight is not high), and using the webmaster tool to find the keywords of the homepage layout, there are 2 ranking on page 6, indicating that the website is good.

    The website updates articles every day, but the operation method is to copy articles from the circle of friends and publish them directly. The format has not been modified. The article has a frame, which is not conducive to the official website article collection. Good internal chain]

    The keyword of housekeeping and cleaning tools has no search volume, and it does not make sense to push it; the keyword of housekeeping and cleaning tools has just checked the Baidu index 10 times a week, which is a little bit, but it is a good word at night. It is estimated to write an original article. Can rank Baidu homepage.

    There are too few external links, the number of anti-links displayed by the webmaster tool is only 4, and there are 13 friendly links out of the site, 9 of which have not been linked to you. You must remove the website that did not give you links, so there are only 4 friendships left. Links [Too few, change to 25 before the end of the year, keywords for cleaning supplies or cleaning supplies]

    Adjust the copy of the homepage of the website to increase the density of keywords for cleaning supplies and cleaning supplies, with a density of at least 3 or more.

Finally, we need to talk about internal links. All articles must be linked to the home page. The keywords are cleaning supplies or cleaning supplies. One article can be linked once with one keyword.



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