I do internal training for internet promotion for enterprise

2020-03-31 14:05 | Readtime: 3min

The layman looks at the results, the layman looks at the process; as a network promotion expert and layman, when doing online promotion internal training for the company, he should teach the results process to the "classmates" in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

    I have done internal training for many companies for network promotion. Of course, before I go to the company, I do a lot of preparations, understand the company's products, analyze the network marketing path, but also understand the staffing of the company, etc., and develop courseware content according to the situation of the company;

    Most companies need their own sales team members to learn network promotion skills to improve sales performance, but many salespeople do not understand products or network promotion when they first enter the industry, so in general, I would recommend companies New salespeople start by writing product articles (you can quickly understand the product and customer groups) and then publish free information on major B2B platforms and blogging platforms. Compared to sales elders, I recommend that they write sales cases to precipitate their success on the Internet Experience, not only increase exposure and increase performance, but also enhance the status of the industry.

[Platform first recommendation: http://www.zediersheng.com Born for choice: Because this platform has no restrictions, you can freely publish articles and supply information, leave contact information without deleting posts, Baidu includes fast, long-term keywords rank well 】

    The online promotion tools will also teach you how to use them, such as: filtering keywords, webmaster tools, writing articles, precautions for promotion channels, etc., etc. After finishing the spot operation, you will proceed to the next one.

    Generally two days of internal training time. In the afternoon of the first day, I will teach all the staff to write articles and article publishing skills, and I will successfully publish an article that is good for promotion in selected locations; it has been verified many times: High-quality articles are published in selected places. Many of them will be ranked on the Baidu homepage the next day. They will start to have exposure. After seeing the results, everyone will be inspired and motivated.

   Finally, I will develop an online promotion plan based on the actual situation of the enterprise and staffing, specific to the specific number of each promotion action, such as: how many platforms need to be registered, how many articles need to be written, how much budget is needed to place advertisements, and so on.

Today is cloudy and foggy, the weather forecast says there is light snow, although the heavy snow fell the day before yesterday, today's light snow is full of expectations; I made a cup of tea and started posting this article on the free platform that I registered, of course, the first release was on [Born in the land].



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