How to change the friendship link? New problems encountered

2020-03-31 14:05 | Readtime: 2min

As a master of online promotion, the old revolution also encountered new problems. This morning, I arranged for 2 hours to change the friendship link for the website. Because there has been no change of the friendship link for a long time, when I started the operation, I was very active. Friendship link QQ group, wow ~ information is flying all over the place, there are many stations, inside pages of large stations, small homepages, various. Very excited ...

    I also started to publish website data in various groups and exchange for friendship links. The operation was as fierce as a tiger. Half an hour passed, none of them were changed, and no one ignored me. Everyone still posted information in the group. I'm wondering? ? ?

    Just like this, I talk to them privately to change the link, which will be very direct and convenient. Then, when I see the appropriate website, I start chatting with them privately. Without adding friends, I have privately chatted about 30 people, and none of them answered Received, wondering more? ? ? ? ? ?

    Why is this so? Then I changed the private chat information, how are you doing? For a friendly link? Someone started to reply to me. I asked the other person, why did I send you a link message instead of replying to me? The other party said: I did n’t receive your message, and then took a screenshot of our chat history. I suddenly realized that the message was blocked by QQ. No wonder no one responded to me ...

    Next, I changed the routine. When I saw the right website, I talked to each other privately. The opening is not a link, but: Is it? Are you changing the link? I have a website that needs to change links, etc., for regular chat, and first add each other as a friend.

    In this way, in less than 2 hours, I changed 10 friendship links, and today's task is considered complete.

    To change the friendship link in the future, you must add the other party's QQ first, and then communicate under the regular communication, and then change the link.



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