FAQ: How do you know if you made this website? answer:

2020-03-31 14:06 | Readtime: 54sec

I just communicated with a customer, he asked a question, and I think it should be recorded:

     Question: After reading the customer case section of your website, you have worked with many large companies. How can you be sure that these large companies have worked with you? Is there a link (technical support) or something for them on their website?

     NARRATOR: He asked this question and thought he was very clever, but he was a bit gentleman.

     A: Naturally, our website puts all the cases we have done (we have done many cases for more than 7 years, we have no need to take fake cases to support the facade); if the customer has not requested, We may put the words of technical support and link to our official website (but this will lose some weight for customer websites). Some customers do not want to put these words, then we leave no trace.

There is another way: you directly call the companies in the demonstration case and ask them: Is the website made by us? This is the most effective, direct, and true. [Hee hee]



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