Become a website company: Ask us to answer common questions

2020-03-31 14:06 | Readtime: 4min

1. How much does it cost to build a station? How do I charge for a multilingual website under one domain name?

A: The cost of building a website is from 18,000. If you need multiple languages, the cost of each additional language will increase by 50% under the same conditions as the main website design (framework). Special function development, charge according to the development situation. (Eg: mall website, platform website)

2. How is your website different from others?

Answer: Our website construction standards are:

(1) The website can be changed at any time without any secondary charges.

(2) Back up the website program at least once a month.

(3) Establish a special docking group (design, business, procedures, filing specialists, all in the group, to avoid finding no docking person) any problems on the website, resolved within 24 hours, no holidays

(4) Strong SEO basic settings, keyword layout of the entire station; (there is no second market in the market).

(5) Including pc website + mobile website, design and production of each page of the website.

(6) Network promotion technical consultation, there are promotion seo optimization questions, you can consult me in the special group, and I will reply in a timely manner. On average, I answer the promotion questions of at least 3 students in our classroom every day, so the problems you encounter There are basically solutions.

3. If your website is more conducive to optimization, what are the specific aspects?

Answer: (1) The entire site seo foundation will be set up (including: site map, spider protocol, url standardization, page static, each page can be individually set title description keywords, alt tags, etc.) We are professional seo Optimizing the architecture, a lot of efforts have been made on many optimization details, and some knowledge points may not be known to colleagues.

(2) Help customers analyze all relevant keywords of the product. According to the website architecture layout keywords (homepage + main column page), most of the website construction companies will not analyze keywords.

(3) Guidance on the post-maintenance update of the website and recommendations for seo optimization; if there are any problems during the promotion and optimization process, you can consult me in the special team and see that they will respond in a timely manner. On average, I answer at least three of our students ’promotion questions every day , So there are basically solutions to the problems you encounter.

4. How long will it take to get online?

A: The website design structure has been adjusted at least 3 times, and the normal website construction period is 27 days (Note: Attach a description of the website construction process)

5. How long will it take to optimize the Baidu homepage after building the website?

A: Under normal circumstances, the core keywords can be uploaded to the Baidu homepage for 3-5 months. High-quality original content is more conducive to ranking. According to our recommended seo optimization method, long-tail keywords will enter the Baidu homepage in a faster time.

6. What kind of services does the quoted website construction fee mainly include? Are there other fees in the middle?

A: The website construction fee includes: PC-side + mobile-side website design, website production, the entire site seo basic settings, the entire site keyword layout, one-year security maintenance, domain name, space, assistance filing, etc., nanny-style website construction service, no two Charge

    We will set up a special service team to ensure that any problems with the website can be resolved within 24 hours.

7. There are many product categories. Should I put them on one website or separate them? The cost of separation is a bit high.

A: It is easier to manage and save costs on a website, but SEO optimization will be slower;

      Establishing a website for a separate category, focusing on products, and ranking keywords for a single category are more conducive to SEO optimization.

8. Do I have to pay every year later? Why are there such costs when the website is built?

A: Renewal is required every year; first, the domain name and space of the website need to be renewed each year; the website design or architecture also needs some adjustments every year (such as holidays, promotions, notifications, and other banner map adjustments, adding new sections, removing unused sections Etc.) The renewal fee also includes one year of security maintenance. The website cannot be opened, is attacked, and is hacked.

(Note: If you have the ability to manage your website security, you can just renew the domain name space and terminate the security maintenance hosting).

9. In addition to buying website domain names yourself, what else needs to be bought by yourself?

A: Others are not needed. We will provide customers with 1g Alibaba Cloud domestic mainstream virtual host for website construction. Generally, enterprise stations are sufficient. If there are special needs (such as: too much traffic, development of small programs), you need to purchase specific virtual Host / server, enterprises need to pay by themselves.

For more site building issues, leave a message or add me on WeChat: 18221960357



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