A big taboo in doing business in the circle of friends, sell

2020-03-31 15:01 | Readtime: 3min

A big taboo in doing business in the circle of friends is selling goods to "acquaintances."

       The acquaintances in the circle of friends are actually not familiar, and few real friends, it sounds cruel, but in fact it is so cruel.

       Many people in the workplace also started selling in the circle of friends due to various reasons. After some time, it was found that after only a few people bought it, it was difficult to have business. Not at all what he or she sees and hears about Huizhou merchants making money easily.

       In the circle of friends, you do have all kinds of interpersonal relationships, such as relatives and friends, various classmates, family members, social relations, etc., familiar, but unfamiliar is simply a stranger.

       Only the acquaintances have parents, brothers and sisters. Maybe I sincerely hope that you can make a good business and make some money. At the moment, you can only say that maybe, otherwise there may be no.

       People are the standard circle of "things by class, people by group". What kind of person are you, basically the people in the circle of friends are the same. Think about it, do you have Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Lei Jun and others in your circle of friends?

       Someone similar to you, would you be happy to see that you are selling goods in the circle of friends? Conversely, if you look at people in your circle of friends selling goods, would you be happy? The best result is not to be happy or unhappy.

       A deeper level of social psychology is that our original footsteps were almost the same as each other. The only benefit of "egalitarianism" is that the world is peaceful, and the human heart is too peaceful. Now that you're in business, you earn more money than me. Can he or she feel better?

       What is political economy? Economic status determines your political status. From the big society to the small family. Brothers and sisters, you give the most money to your parents, the sound is the loudest, isn't that the reason?

       You have more money. People who are similar to you will not be in action, but will be psychologically or unconsciously away from you. No way, everyone is the same, it can be said that it is difficult to make an exception.

       I have been doing online business for more than ten years, and I do not do business with acquaintances or friends, whether inside or outside.

[I think the right way]

       Through the whole network promotion (now the easiest is Baidu PC and mobile phone vendors, Ali platform), add your prospective customers to the mobile phone circle of friends from the Internet.

        It was a complete stranger at the beginning, but through the display of a series of content such as your diary, customer care, product copywriting, mission vision, value and emotion, let prospective customers feel and experience your sincerity and truth, from distrust to trust Become your friend, not your acquaintance.

       After you have established the initial foundation of trust, you can talk to and communicate with prospective customers to avoid doubts about sales. Your role is to be a professional consultant, not a seller. It is to help him or her to clear up ideas and solve problems professionally, gradually understand and buy your products or equipment, and analyze from all aspects of information. It is the best choice. .

       This is the circle of friends business I understand.



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