Who is it for and what do you want to say?

2020-03-31 15:06 | Readtime: 1min

Who to write to and what to say

1. No matter what you write on the Internet, think about who you write it for. It ’s for the Prime Minister, or just for your customers. The range is very large, the target population is different, the content written must be different, or the same content will be written differently because of different people. feel.

2. Whoever wrote it to, think about it, is it necessary or worthwhile?

1) Going to work in the morning to squeeze the subway, it is very crowded, so late that you can't get on the bus.

2) It's too late to come back from work and I'm hungry. I ate bowls of ramen casually at a small restaurant near my home.

3) Today, I received three customer consultation calls, and bitterly said that there was no deal with Venus.

3. Can the above three things be written?

       You can write, but if you write down your thoughts or feelings, you can't finish it, and it's over. The person watching it doesn't know what you wrote today, what you want to express, or what inspiration, experience and insight you got from these things. Do not write stories without inspiration, experience and understanding. Otherwise, people who read will feel that you are at least a little mental and abnormal.

       Who to write to and what to say, these two are the most basic principles of blogging.



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