What does the law of 7%-38%-55% tell us?

2020-03-31 15:10 | Readtime: 3min

What does the law of 7% —38% —55% tell us?

       The American psychologist Albert Merabian put forward the "7% -38% -55% law" in 1972, which is an evaluation of the effects of interpersonal communication and communication. The general meaning is as follows:

1) The role of written or written language accounts for 7%

       Based on this conclusion, I do n’t like writing in text in lectures in the community. On the one hand, typing is too tired, and on the other hand, the text I have read is easy to forget. I think a lot of people will have this kind of practical feeling. There are too many dry goods on Weibo. How much can you remember? There must be few.

2) The effect of voice emotion or tone accounts for 38%

       It's not because of this argument. I really prefer to use speech to teach. I feel that the tone and emotion in the speech are really easy to make an impression and the memory is relatively deep. For example, business class morning classes are mainly based on VX voice, and now try to write a text outline of the lecture. With the text version, you can share the content of the business class.

3) 55% of body language or facial expression

       The biggest advantage of offline courses is the integration of all the above advantages. Face-to-face lectures not only have text and language emotions, but also more importantly, through body language and facial expressions, the students are very impressed in both aspects of impression and memory. I have always thought that classroom teaching cannot be replaced, because its effect is more than any form of lecture, and the other can only be used as a supplement.

       After understanding the above, let's talk about why offline classes are important in the second half of this year.

       On October 13 ~ 14 in Shanghai, there are many classes in the second half of the year. And the "King of Baidu Homepage SEO" class this time is not only aimed at the traffic on Baidu's PC, but more importantly, to capture the traffic on Baidu's mobile, and add customers to the circle of friends.

       In Business Class 205, there is no one keyword ranking at least one year or more. Why give up doing SEO optimization rankings? And once and for all, as long as it is appropriate to do a little update and maintenance, it saves time and effort without spending money. Every day there is a flow of live people, every day you can add people in the circle of friends.

       At present, the installed capacity of Baidu App is more than 400 million mobile phones, and the background of Baidu can also see that most of the search terms come from mobile phones. "Simple search" on Baidu's mobile phone has also been launched. In the future, Baidu traffic on mobile phones will greatly exceed that of PCs.

       This offline class also supports "new media and micro marketing", because micro marketing cannot be done from now on, whether it is consumer goods, industrial products, or industrial equipment. This part is also important.

       With so much content "speaking" and live demonstrations, how to share it with VX voice and typing? Even if it is done, the effect of impression and memory will be greatly reduced. In addition, some content must be repeated. Many students have said that even if they listen to the same content each time, the level of understanding and feeling will be different from the previous, and the understanding and feeling will be deeper. These are accumulated over the years of offline lectures experience.

       The last thing I want to say is, don't understand the world by your own understanding of the world. People can't think about things they don't know, and skills they need to learn. Most students in the classroom are free of charge and only undertake travel and accommodation.

       Similarly, as in the past, non-university students are also accepted for registration, and the tuition fee is 3,400 yuan / person.



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