The brand does need to be shaped, but Patagonia says "don't

2020-03-31 15:12 | Readtime: 2min

In 2011, Patagonia (Patagonia-high-end outdoor sportswear brand) reached this ad to advise consumers not to buy its new products (rather let customers continue to repair the old products they bought before), buying new clothing will give The environment has brought about a negative impact. In the media, readers are recommended to the company's "corporate customer cooperation" used clothing recycling project, and consumers are encouraged to repair, resell or recycle used Patagonian clothing instead of throwing it away.

The brand does need to be shaped, but Patagonia says "don't buy this jacket"

        Consumers who have seen this ad, and then consult related discussions on the media, it is not difficult to find the public consumers' recognition and respect for the Patagonian brand, especially the brand's target customers, namely mountaineering explorers. For business enthusiasts, they have a preference for it, and they originally had a certain critical attitude towards business. It is also worth noting that with this ethical commitment, the price increase becomes more acceptable.

        As a result, its annual sales growth rate has increased by 30%, which is much higher than the industry average of 4%.

        This case inspired me to do brand planning:

1) If you want to build your top brand, you must put your mission at the center of your business.

2) Top brands are moving from the original financial or practical return-centric marketing to a more inclusive and complete business marketing model, and are beginning to consider respect for the soul, society and environment.

3) Top brands are trying to break the situation in which business has ruled society for many years, and are trying to achieve rebalancing and reunification of business, ethics and ecology.

        We not only look forward to prosperous business and quality products, but also to outstanding brands and companies.



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