Don't fantasize about becoming an instant hit, there is a pe

2020-03-31 15:33 | Readtime: 59sec

Even if you have a unique top-level product in the world, you can't immediately let the world know, let alone imagine that it will become an instant hit. All products enter the market, and there is an implantation period into the consumer's mind. This implantation period depends on your financial strength.

in case:

1) You are a grassroot with no money, no name and no connections, then you can only do step-by-step online promotion for a few years without any fantasies and sensations.

2) You are a middle-class SME whose fate is similar to the above. Unless luck is on your side and venture capital enters, maybe the market will be better, but do n’t be too optimistic.

3) You are a big local company. There are only a few ways to shorten the period of mental implantation, and these methods cannot be separated from the power of money. The more money you invest, the faster the market development.

In short, almost no money is needed to achieve the market effect of "spreading on the Internet, detonating the entire industry and generating a sensational effect".

Of course, if you're Jack Ma, then it's another matter, maybe I don't have to bother typing on the keyboard.



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