Business Lesson 211: A secondary page + mobile phone busines

2020-03-31 15:39 | Readtime: 1min

A Weishang brand founder came to me these two days and said she wanted to be an official website ...


1) The knowledge platform is fundamentally different from the Alibaba platform, and the customer population is basically different.

2) Daily Baidu traffic: 2.98 million knowledge platforms and 2.69 million Ali platforms, of the same order of magnitude.

3) The weight of the two homepages is 9, but the weight of the secondary pages is too small to be ignored, and cannot be compared with the homepage of the official website of the company.

4) The inner pages of both can be included by Baidu, but the inner pages of the company's official website can also be included.

5) This knowledge platform was exposed by CCTV 315 in 2017. The accuracy of the information is difficult to distinguish, and sometimes it even becomes an amplifier of false information. Word of mouth is poor both inside and outside the industry.

6) The founder of the brand seriously lacks knowledge of the official website and platform, and does not understand SEO, so it can only be ignored.

A second-level page + mobile phone business card sells 36,800 / year, the key is not the price, but it has no practical value. Without knowing the Internet and without the expertise of SEO, the results can be imagined.



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