Business Lesson 210: Re-examining Mobile and PC Traffic, Add

2020-03-31 15:52 | Readtime: 1min

Business Lesson 210: Re-examining Mobile and PC Traffic, Adding People to Friends with SEO Minimalist 3

1. App installed capacity of mobile phone

1) WeChat 1.06 billion (active)

2) QQ 680 million (active)

3) Taobao 590 million (passive)

4) Weibo 530 million (passive + trace active)

5) Baidu 450 million (passive)

2.Number of PC users / month

1) Baidu-Web search 400 million (passive)

2) Taobao-C2C platform 340 million (passive)

3) Baidu-other 310 million (passive)

4) Baidu-Knowledge Search 270 million (passive)

5) 360-web search 270 million (passive)

6) Tmall-B2C mall 260 million (passive)

7) Baidu-Media Home 220 million (passive)

8) Baidu-encyclopedia search 210 million (passive)

9) Baidu-Community 190 million (passive)

10) Sina Weibo 180 million (passive)

3. Do you think it is more convenient to add people actively or passively?

      Actively add people to see people's faces. Others add you, you are active.

4. The simplest and easiest passive technique:

      Use Zhang Youwei's SEO minimalist 3 tricks and 18 methods to add Baidu live traffic to your mobile phone circle of friends.

[Course information] October 13-14, Shanghai, Dayou classroom offline classes:

1) The King of Baidu's Homepage-Use SEO to Capture Mobile and PC Traffic

2) Zhang Youwei SEO minimalist 3 strokes 18 methods (half day)

3) Micro marketing (half day)



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