Things are grouped into groups, people are grouped together,

2018-08-29 09:07 | Readtime: 2min

Things are grouped into groups and people are grouped. I didn't think so before, but the more things I experience now, the more I feel this sentence makes sense.

There will be more language communication between those who do technology and those who do technology. Every time I go back to my hometown, I will drink and chat with a few good guys, but because everyone ’s industry is different, there is not much communication in terms of technology or business, that is, Drink and drink, talk about your own life and work, and communicate feelings. Of course, this is also very good. In fact, we can still have some common languages, otherwise we won't come together.

Let's talk about the immediate things: Many of our students are writing articles. After writing the articles, I will find a place to publish them, but I don't know where they are posted? Some people say they want to publish on the QQ space, some people want to publish on Weibo, there are many celebrities on Weibo, some people want to publish on the headline, some people want to publish on Jianshu, Zhihu ... etc. There are so many platforms on the Internet Look at the picture below. I don't know if you have a big head, anyway, I'm big.

If you send it on so many platforms, you will be exhausted. Which one is better? Tangled. 

Before I was born without choosing a place, I posted an article like this. I posted my own circle of friends first, then Weibo, and almost no other platforms. Of course, there will be many, many platforms when promoting.

Then why send a circle of friends and Weibo? Because my friends are in the circle of friends, and my fans are all on Weibo, these two are my resource zone, and it will have better results when posted.

Our little people are n’t even called characters. Blind followers often only eat melon. The big guy said this is good, wow ~ we go here, the big guy said there is good we wow ~ go there again, but the big guy rang everyone In the past, I am still a big man, and I still dominate (traffic).

Do we have no chance? It is not necessarily true. Those who are deposited on a platform, not disturbed, and have good content, will also be discovered by the platform and show up, but are we the one? Are we so lucky?

    No matter whether you try or not, you have to settle, otherwise what?

    The first option is to find your own customer's community / platform for active interaction.

    The second is to find a community / platform that "loves you" and interacts with one another.

    Therefore, the initial positioning of Born-to-Where is the social writing platform for businessmen, so that businessmen who love to write have their own platform of belonging, and I believe that businessmen who write more articles are more reliable, and A businessman who loves writing will not be bad!

    Come and record with a lifetime of "Work" together with Born to Choose.



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