The first day of construction started in 2019!

2019-02-11 11:48 | Readtime: 59sec

Started work:Zediersheng Through statistical tool observation and analysis, search traffic accounted for 70%, content collection is as good as ever, long tail keywords quickly rank on the Baidu homepage, it is worthwhile to have people search through Baidu every day Key words: Born to choose a place, it means that we have begun to be concerned. 

Based on the keyword ranking and traffic situation, VIP members who found and frequently updated their content almost got their enquiries through the "story" written by the selected place.

This year, the business model has been reorganized with the continuous improvement of program requirements.

Developed a location-based distribution system years ago. All members can become our distribution members. After successful distribution, they can earn points and earn commissions.

Five years later, the five major communication modules (official website, APP, public account, official Weibo, and small program) will be perfected and updated in a timely manner to ensure quality and quantity.

A businessman who loves writing is not bad.

Born to Choose: A Place for Businessmen to Write Business Stories.

2019 officially set sail ~



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