AAK hydraulic valve quality more than 90% of the counterparts, successfully restored the customer's foreign trade customers.

2020-11-17 17:08 | Readtime: 2min
The high pressure throttle hydraulic valve produced by AAK, the quality is higher than 90% of the peers, and help a foreign trade company in Guangdong to recover a major foreign trade customer. The key is that AAK adopts the high-precision processing equipment imported from Switzerland, which is owned by less than 10% of our peers.
In the current hydraulic valve market, more than 90% of the factories use CNC lathe to produce hydraulic valve. The hydraulic valve made by CNC lathe is prone to some hidden quality defects, such as assembling discrepancy, spool deviation from the central axis and so on. What's worse, it's not easy to find out, until the pipeline leaks, it's even not easy to judge whether there is a valve problem.
Li, manager of a foreign trade company in Guangdong Province, has received complaints from customers about several batches of hydraulic valves, which has caused them a lot of trouble. They are ready to give up this product line. He met me at an exhibition in Shanghai, and I took a careful look at their samples. The main body line is biased, and the valve core deviates from the central axis, which are almost the hidden problems in the industry. I told them to give some of my samples to his customers, try the quality of AAK hydraulic valve, and compare the quality with the domestic peers.
Three months later, manager Li called me and said to confirm an order of US$100,000. After returning from Shanghai exhibition, manager Li sent the samples of AAK hydraulic valves to overseas customers. As soon as the customers tested, they were very satisfied with the quality of these samples. They not only had good surface gloss and high precision, but also had strong sealing performance. Manager Li was very grateful to me for helping him solve this problem and keeping his big customer. Now we have a cooperation with Mr. Li's company of $1.2 million a year.
In order to achieve zero leakage of AAK hydraulic valve, our company has imported the Swiss machine tool with the highest precision to make up for the weak point of CNC lathe. At present, less than 10% of the peers have this equipment. It can replace seven groups of accessories randomly. The precision of high pressure throttle hydraulic valve produced by Swiss equipment is indeed high, which is at least 20% higher than that of domestic conventional CNC lathe.
With quality more than 90% peers for hydraulic valve, AAK products quality can be guaranteed. Waiting for your call for a conversation and cooperation.



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