AAK hydraulic valve has zero leakage and Russian customers order back every 2 months

2020-11-18 14:58 | Readtime: 2min

The hydraulic valves that AAK produced have zero leakage because each valve has been tested correctly on the test bench before it is packed into the box. Due to the lack of pressure test table, 90% of the peers directly packed and shipped without pressure test, thus causing many problems. AAK hydraulic valve has entered the industry top 10 ranks. 

90% of small and medium-sized hydraulic valve factories are either not equipped with pressure test table, or the pressure test table is just sleeping there as a device. The testing process of the pressure test table is really quite complicated. After the pressure test, the product needs to be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled, which requires a large amount of technical work. To save money, most factories abandon the process without testing it. Thus, with precision, the hydraulic valve can also appear leakage, some hydraulic valve even can not be assembled up, these phenomena are common in the country.

The pressure test table equipped by our company is not only a complete set of parameters, but also handled by a professional test master with 7 years of experience. The test of each product should be repeated at least 3 times, strictly in accordance with the specified parameters to ensure the sensitivity and zero leakage. AAK quality control is more QC than the customer's QC.

Last year, a customer from Russia has been purchasing hydraulic valves in Guangdong, but the supplier has been changing, because about 20% of the hydraulic valves have oil leakage and poor sensitivity. At the beginning, when he came to our factory with samples, he could not find any problems from the appearance. In order to find problems from the production process, we directly took him to the workshop for a visit. Finally, we found that the pressure test table was not equipped with all their suppliers.

We told him that each of AAK's hydraulic components had to go through a test bench, and that 90 percent of the peers couldn't or wouldn't do it. At the end of his visit, we processed several components of the same type for him to bring back to test. Less than two months after he returned, he gave us a trial order, and the result was certainly satisfying. Until now, there have been regular reorders every two months from him.

Using our zero leakage hydraulic valve, you can rest assured!



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Kevin Wang

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