After 4 proofing and 3 material changes were made, A

2020-11-20 10:42 | Readtime: 2min

For two years, by re-mading the samples for four times and changed the materials for three times, AAK samples successfully passed the parameter tests, stand out from many domestic hydraulic valve suppliers, and received a large order for the cartridge valves from the agent of HydraForce, which made us the top supplier of HydraForce in China.

At present, domestic hydraulic valve industry appears a very common phenomenon of "selling the facade", what is "selling the facade"? It means that the customer give orders to big enterprise, then the big enterprise give nearly 80% of the components to small enterprises for processing because of their low cost by using domestic raw materials, thus the differences in processing techniques is ignored and resulted in uneven quality, then many problems came out: valve blocking, oil leakage, abrasion and so on, it seriously influenced the product performance.

The Cartridge hydraulic valve of Hydraforce were copied in China several decades ago, but due to the limitations of testing levels and precision of lathes, few factories were able to make accurate copies. In June 2015, the manager of a HydraForce agent got in contact with us, intending to include us in the list of their suppliers and ask us to develop and imitate one of the HydraForce cartridge valves. With great trepidation, all our company technicians started to work on this project. Within two years, our company continually imported the Germany machines with higher precision, at the same time, replaced regular machines with test tables with more comprehensive test parameters. By re-mading the samples for four times and changed the materials for three times, after two years, AAK samples successfully passed the parameter tests and meet customer requirements, finally reached cooperation with HydraForce agent and became the top supplier of HydraForce in China for the cartridge hydraulic valves.

Since its establishment in 2012, AAK has always put technological innovation, high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment in the first place. Especially using 2 imported CNC lathes, plus more than 10 domestic CNC lathes, we reduced the time cost of frequent line change, and the delivery time is 40% faster than the peers. The 90% of the peers do not have this production configuration.

The HydraForce chose AAK as the partner in the end for no other reason than that we could meet the parameter requirements that other suppliers could not meet. We are willing to do what other people do not want to do, and we also try harder to do what other people cannot do.

With the ability to produce order for HydraForce, AAK's technology should give you enough confidence!



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Kevin Wang

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