AAK hydraulic valve adopts imported spring, Russian customer orders millions of dollars after comparing with many other companies.

2020-12-01 09:08 | Readtime: 3min

AAK hydraulic valve has already used Korean harp steel wire as the pressure spring of hydraulic valve, while only a few factories in the same industry are using it. Russian customers came to our factory to make customized samples and then return home. After half a year of sample comparison, AAK hydraulic valve has been able to overcome domestic and foreign competitors, so far it has bring us a cumulative order of millions of dollars. 

It is a common problem that the pressure of hydraulic valve cannot be adjusted after using for a period of time. The quality of internal spring of hydraulic valve is directly related to the strength control of hydraulic system. Once there is a problem, the whole hydraulic system will be paralyzed immediately, so the quality of spring is vital.

In order to save cost, 80% of the manufacturers use the carbon steel which is cheap and widely used. With the increase of carbon content, although the hardness of the material will increase, the plasticity and toughness of the material will decrease, and also lead to the weakening of tensile strength and stability. After repeated use, the resilience of spring will also be weakened, and then the adjustment of hydraulic valve will have problems.

In 2018, a Russian customer Alex purchased hydraulic valves from China, and there was a problem with automatic pressure regulation. He received many complaints from his customers. Therefore, it is urgent to find a new supplier to replace it. After staying in China for half a month, he found AAK hydraulic valve and visited our whole production workshop. After that, he took out a draft and paid for several customized samples.

After returning home with the samples, we couldn't get in touch with him, either by email or call. We thought he had left the industry. After half a year, we suddenly received an email of his hydraulic valve order, thinking that he had made a mistake and called him in the afternoon. During the conversation, we learned that he asked to make proofs not only from our company, but also tested all samples from every factory in the past six months, including each component and the cycle test of the entire hydraulic system. Finally, besides our company, another company also met his requirements, but their spring tension test parameters were lower than ours. Therefore, he chose AAK hydraulic valve without hesitation, and we have received more than total 1 million US dollars from him since 2018.

AAK hydraulic valve has been using the piano steel wire compression spring imported from Korea. The material has high strength, good elasticity, fatigue resistance, creep resistance and toughness. The surface is smooth and clean, and has strong anti rust ability. At the same time, it has the specified tensile strength and torsion performance, and the surface will not have cracks, folds, scabs, cracks and corrosion.

AAK hydraulic valve is not just worth you to buy, but in China you can hardly find a few, comparable with us. It's not that we're proud, we're honest, just tell the truth.



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Kevin Wang

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