AAK hydraulic valve on the selection of steel is extremely harsh, saving one after another foreign trade customers

2020-12-07 17:35 | Readtime: 2min

AAK hydraulic valve for each part of the steel selection is extremely demanding, which beyond customer's imagination. Only in this point, we've run over most of our peers.

In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the hydraulic valve market, the simplest way to break through is to cut corners on materials. Many hydraulic valve peers use crooked ideas on raw materials, such as using limited 45 steel, which is soft and easy to wear. Even after heat treatment, the hardness can not meet the parameter requirements. Therefore, it is only applicable to the parts with light stress and less wear points, but many manufacturers are in the opposite direction, leading to serious uneven quality on the market.

Some manufacturers use 45 steel in spring seat, valve sleeve, and even more in valve core. Some time ago, Mr. Liu, from a foreign trade company in Shenzhen, came to us with a sample of relief valve. Through our inspection, we found that the inner hole of the product was worn and deformed seriously, not to mention the valve core. Moreover, he told us that 90% of the products from this batch were of this kind.

The price quoted by the original manufacturer is even lower than the cost of the product. Due to only comparing the prices, the foreign trade company ignored the quality of the products. The original tips of quality comparison among the three manufacturers has already changed into the price comparison. This factory uses 45 steel, the hardness can not meet the requirements, although the price is cheap, but the wear and tear of the products will certainly shorten the service life. We took out similar products for comparison. We could see the difference only from the appearance. Mr. Liu also made a careful comparison and material inspection and analysis, and finally understood the tricks. He said on the spot that we would be his first choice for the inquiry of hydraulic valves in the future.

As an old Chinese saying goes, in addition to skilled foundry masters, excellent raw materials are also the foundation of excellent quality sword casting, both are indispensable. Coincidentally, hydraulic valve is also the same, especially for steel selection. AAK is very strict in the selection of steel. We use 40Cr steel most. After heat treatment at appropriate temperature, it achieves excellent comprehensive mechanical properties in terms of toughness, plasticity and wear resistance, and enhances the fatigue resistance and hardenability of the products. Especially for the surface hardening treatment such as high frequency quenching and tempering, AAK has its own proprietary technology.

Is there any question about the quality of AAK hydraulic valve? If yes, it's normal. Then the comparison of product test is needed, there is no value without comparison, we especially welcome customers to make comparison.



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