AAK hydraulic valve uses 40Cr as valve core, and Spanish customers place orders of millions of Euro every year.

2020-12-08 14:32 | Readtime: 3min

AAK hydraulic valve uses 40Cr steel as valve core, only a few factories in the same industry use this kind of steel. After meeting with Spanish customers, a trial order was placed on the third day, and one year later, an order of million euro was placed.

For the selection of valve core material, the majority of manufacturers use domestic 1214 steel, because this material is easy to process and cheap, so it has become the first choice of manufacturers. However, this kind of steel is brittle and easy to deform after heat treatment. If the valve core is not treated carefully, it will cause slight deformation and cannot be found out. At present, many manufacturers closed their eyes for this potential problem, do not do any testing, assemble directly to use. After many users buy the hydraulic valve, there is oil leakage after using it for more than 10 times.

With the maturity of domestic hydraulic valve market, many foreign customers have gradually transferred to the Chinese market. Raul is a buyer from Spain, responsible for its company's hydraulic valve purchasing in China. In the early stage, because of being unfamiliar with the Chinese market, more than 60% of the purchased hydraulic valves leaked oil after being used several times. It is inevitable to be complained by customers. The headquarters requested him to give solutions within one month.

After occasionally seeing our company's information on the Internet, he arrived in Zhejiang overnight with samples from Shanghai with a mindset of trying. After meeting and listening to his explanation about the existing problems, we almost knew the problem and tested the 10 samples with him on site. The first three times, the oil leakage happened to 40% of samples, the fourth time, the remaining 60% also showed oil leakage. After careful inspection, we found that the valve core has hidden deformation. After many times of adjustment, the phenomenon of oil leakage is more obvious. It is basically determined that there is a problem with the spool of the hydraulic valve.

We then made four pressure tests on our similar samples, and there is no oil leakage. Raul was so relieved and took videos, wrote comparative reports and sent e-mails to headquarters. On the third day, he transferred an order with problems from other factories to our company. In the year after this order was shipped, there was no re-peat order until March of the next year. Since three years of cooperation, there are an average of 1.2 million euro orders per year.

Why can AAK ensure that each hydraulic valve does not leak? The main reason is that 40Cr is used as the main material of the valve core, which is pressure resistant, wear-resistant and not easy to deform. After heat treatment, the surface toughness is better and the fatigue resistance is stronger. Although the material cost is higher than 1214 steel, the quality has been very stable.

Looking forward to receiving a trial order from you, AAK hydraulic valve is worth your reliance, because we are really reliable.



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