After the old American customer transferred the order, the hydraulic valve leaked oil. After AAK helped solve the problem, he came back again.

2020-12-09 10:12 | Readtime: 3min

The hydraulic valves produced by AAK use nitrile rubber sealing ring, which has better seal performance than most of the peers. Even though the market competition is fierce, there is no old customer transferring orders. Only Tom, an American customer who has cooperated for six years, transferred orders to expand the base of suppliers. As a result, oil leakage occurred and he came back to AAK for help and got the problem solved. Now he seems afraid to transfer orders again.

For the selection of hydraulic valve seal ring, the vast majority of manufacturers use silica gel seal ring, this material has good tensile performance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, and good sealing water resistance, but the biggest problem is not resistant to oil and acid. Because of the strong tensile strength of the silicone seal ring, the assembly is convenient and the assembly efficiency of the whole hydraulic valve is very high. In order to improve the assembly efficiency and save the cost, most manufacturers use silicone sealing ring. However, when such a hydraulic valve is used in an oily hydraulic environment, especially in acidic materials, there will be 100% oil leakage when used with valve block.

Tom, an American customer who has been working with us for six years, is very busy recently because of the oil leakage problem of an order. Sometimes even at 3 am in the morning, he is communicating with the person in charge of our technical department to seek solutions. A year ago, he wanted to develop a new supplier and transferred the order without our knowledge. Now he needs our help when there is a problem. Through the video, we only know the problem of oil leakage, cannot see the product, also do not know the reason, so we asked him to send samples, then we can do specific parameter analysis.

A week later, we tested immediately after receiving the samples. The results showed that the internal circulation was ok, but it is difficult to imagine that the problem would appear on the sealing ring. The reason is that this factory used silica gel sealing ring. We told Tom the problem and advised that he only needed to replace the silicone seal ring with our nitrile rubber seal ring, and his problem was solved. Tom is surprised and speechless. Now the whole shipment is unsalable. After this loss, he came back to us to solve the problem. Now he is very grateful to us. He found the source of the problem and does not transfer our order to other suppliers any more.

AAK hydraulic valve is mainly used with NBR sealing ring, the sealing performance overwhelm the majority of peers, this material is not only high temperature resistance, good adhesion, corrosion resistance, what's more important, it is oil resistant, acid proof, waterproof, anti-aging, it is the first choice for sealing the hydraulic system. At the same time, we can also according to the customer's requirements for different use conditions of the hydraulic valve, specially match the sealing ring of different media to reach the standard of zero oil leakage. This is why many new and old customers choose to cooperate with us, and do not transfer the orders easily.

Details determine success or failure. AAK always pays attention to details, so it can be invincible.



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