AAK hydraulic valve labor attitude is correct, to ensure the quality and delivery time, California customers do not want to find a second supplier

2020-12-11 18:35 | Readtime: 2min

Although AAK hydraulic valve factory is equipped with high-precision imported CNC lathes and a lot of small-scale processing equipment, the output is already 40% higher than that of its peers, it still has the correct labor attitude to ensure the quality and delivery time, a California customer no longer want to find a second supplier after working with AAK.

When it comes to production efficiency, because domestic factories are used to domestic sales, they are not serious about delivery time. The production is slow, and the workers are off duty. If the customer is in a hurry, nearly 90% of the manufacturers will choose to outsource processing. However, due to the uncertain factors of Midway transportation and the quality problems caused by different factories, the quality level will inevitably be uneven, and it is impossible to guarantee that the delivery time of customers can be met.

In 2019, an old American customer introduced James to AAK, a California customer, who is the purchaser for hydraulic cartridge valves. In previous years, he purchased all hydraulic valves in the United States. Only because of the rise of China's hydraulic market in recent years, he chose to switch to the Chinese market. During the conversation with James, we knew that due to the limitation of machines and slow production efficiency of the original supplier, the delivery of a special order was delayed, he lost a large customer, so he decided to change the supplier.

He noted that we are equipped with a number of high-precision imported CNC lathes and a lot of small-scale processing equipment. Moreover, the factory operates 24 hours a day, and the employees work in shifts. This ensures that the production line is manned all day, and the output can be 40% higher than that of the peers. At the same time, it can guarantee the quality of hydraulic valves and try to advance the delivery time as far as possible. With the mindset of trying, James placed an order of 20,000 US dollars. Due to the first cooperation, James deliberately delayed the lead time of one month to two months.

During the production process, he always follow up the production progress through email and video, for fear that we will delay the shipping time like the last supplier. After 25 days, the goods were fully completed and 35 days ahead of schedule under the premise of ensuring quality. James was awed by our production efficiency. After this trial, he never considered looking for a second supplier.

AAK hydraulic valve factory not only has high-precision imported CNC lathe, but also can achieve 24-hour normal operation and reduce the time cost of frequent line change. The output is 40% higher than that of peers. At present, 90% of the manufacturers do not have the equipment of this scale.

Guaranteed quality, quantity and delivery! Purchasing AAK hydraulic valve with ease and rest assured!



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