AAK hydraulic valve using 40Cr as valve sleeve material, successfully remedy the Italian Customer hydraulic market.

2020-12-14 17:56 | Readtime: 3min

Different from 90% of the hydraulic valve manufacturers, AAK hydraulic valve sleeve is made of 40Cr material, which will not cause stuck phenomenon. It saves David's hydraulic valve market in Italy in time, and our company has gradually become his main supplier.

The selection of valve sleeve material is directly related to the performance of hydraulic valve. The domestic 1214 steel is easy to cut and has high output. At the same time, the loss of machining blade is relatively small. At present, in order to save cost, the vast majority of peers use domestic 1214 steel as valve sleeve, which often ignores the potential problems, such as brittleness and easy deformation during heat treatment. If the valve sleeve is deformed, it will cause the spring base to jam and malfunction in the process of tightening and loosening, and affect the pressure and flow control. Currently, the valves produced by vast majority of manufacturers have these hidden dangers.

David from Italy is mainly responsible for the purchasing of hydraulic valves in East China in the past two years. Last year, he purchased a batch of pilot hydraulic valves from our hydraulic peers. There was no problem in the production and assembly, even after the test on the pressure test bench. The market sales data of this order was also very optimistic. David's team was planning to re-peat the order and double the qty. However, at the same time, he received complaints from 30% of customers. The problem is all the same that the spring base is stuck and after being adjusted for two or three times, it becomes loose, and the control of pressure and flow almost fails.

He accidentally saw our company website on the Internet. After simple email communication, we suggested that he come to our company for onsite comparison. David came to our company with samples the next day. We could not see any problems from the appearance of these products, so we immediately tested the samples with more precise parameters. After tightening and loosening for 2-3 cycles, there was a phenomenon of stuck and adjusting failure. After checking the test parameters, the original problem was that there was slight deformation on the screw thread inside the valve sleeve, a discrepancy of only a fewμm, which cannot be seen by naked eye, but can lead to the phenomenon of stuck in the process of cooperating with spring base. David was surprised that we were so quick to detect the problem and asked how we could avoid these risks.

We compared our valve sleeve material data with his sample material data one by one, and he understood the mystery. In order to avoid another quality problem and lose the Italian market, he requested us to rush a new batch of orders for him to replace the current defective products. With the stable quality in recent years, David's team has been recognized by new and old customers, and our company has gradually become his leading supplier.

All the hydraulic valve sleeve produced by AAK uses 40Cr. The main reason is that after heat treatment at appropriate temperature, 40Cr achieves excellent comprehensive mechanical properties in terms of toughness, plasticity and wear resistance. Especially for surface hardening treatment such as high frequency quenching and tempering of steel, AAK has its own proprietary technology.

If you still have concerns about AAK hydraulic valve, it is normal, but do not miss us, you can try a small order.




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