By using AAK Hydraulic Valves being heat treated, the sales of an American customer has a 30% increase over the same period.

2020-12-25 17:36 | Readtime: 3min

Jone is the purchasing director of an American customer in China. He often communicates with me about some technical problems. However, there has been no news in recent six months. Until the beginning of June this year, he informed the status of the their hydraulic valves by email. Since 2019, for unknown reason, his customers have complained about the quality of the hydraulic valves they sell. The problem is basically the same: after being used for around 3-5 months, the hydraulic valves will appear deformation, at the same time, the wear is very fast. Jone has been working with their after-sales department to appease customers, and has been busy.

Since we didn't see the sample, we couldn't give an accurate opinion. The next day, Jone arranged for the warehouse to send 10 samples randomly to us for inspection. After receiving the samples, I told him that the main problem was the heat treatment of the material, which had nothing to do with other things. At present, many manufacturers do not do any heat treatment for the hydraulic parts materials on hand. Even if the heat treatment is done, they will change the working place after a shot. Thus, the quality can not be guaranteed, not to say the stability of the products. This is the reason why the probability of wear and leakage is increased and the service life is shortened. In order to take care of the customers' mood, Jone promised customers to exchange goods for free. He urgently placed an order for 500 hydraulic valves, and asked us to complete the production in 3 weeks and ship them by air. We finished the production in half a month and delivered the goods successfully.

AAK hydraulic valve production has its own proprietary quenching and tempering heat treatment technology, and has held a heat treatment factory for ten years. The quenching and tempering heat treatment of hydraulic valve material is sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is too low, the hardness is not enough, and it is easy to deform, otherwise, it will lead to fracture. Only our proprietary heat treatment technology can accurately grasp the appropriate temperature under the operation of experienced masters. AAK can also select the corresponding heat treatment process and determine the temperature range according to the different service conditions of the hydraulic valve to ensure the service life of the hydraulic valve.

At present, 70% of the manufacturers do not do any heat treatment for the hydraulic parts materials, and some has the heat treatment processed outside, and 20% of the factories changed the working place for heat treatment every time, so the quality cannot be guaranteed and not to mention the stability. These are the common problems in the industry.

Once our hydraulic valves are received, Jone immediately replaced the valves for his customers. Three months later, his customers bought the hydraulic valve again and asked for the same quality. Joneplaced the re-orders with us again, and the value of the goods reached 30,000 US dollars. He told me that since the use of AAK hydraulic valves, it was once well received, never received customer complaints, and the sales volume increased by 30% over the same period. Since the use of AAK hydraulic valves, the attitude of the headquarters to him has also changed greatly, and he was praised at the monthly summary meeting.

The quality of AAK hydraulic valve after heat treatment is guaranteed!



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Kevin Wang

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