With zero leakage AAK hydraulic valve, the Russian buyer Elaine is no longer concerned about quality and promoted

2021-01-07 17:52 | Readtime: 3min

Elaine, a buyer in Russia, did not expect that nearly 30% of the hydraulic valves had oil leakage and poor sensitivity during the inspection of the orders that she had always paid great attention to. Before production,she emphasized the importance of the quality again and again, but there were still problems later. The supplier didn't have the equipment of pressure test bench, so they packed and shipped directly after production, then many problems came out. Fortunately, problems are found in the inspection process, which can avoid the loss later, but the delivery time is approaching. At present, she is eager to find a new supplier, looking around, struggling.

The current situation of the industry is that 90% of the small and medium-sized hydraulic valve factories either do not have pressure test bench, or use the test bench as decoration. Because the test process of the pressure test bench is really complicated, after the pressure testing, it needs to be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled, which needs a lot of technical work. In order to save cost, most factories give up this process without testing. In this way, no matter how high the accuracy of the hydraulic valve, there will be leakage, some hydraulic valves can not even be assembled, these phenomena are common in China.

Elaine saw our company's website on the Internet and sent an inquiry email. Three days later, accompanied by a Chinese, she found our company. After listening to her intention, we directly took her to the workshop to understand all the supporting production equipment and the whole process. Facing the current production scale, workflow, quality inspection and packaging, Elaine regretted choosing the wrong supplier. She asked if we could help with the delivery of 1500 hydraulic valves and asked us to deliver them within 60 days. I felt Elaine's anxiety, so through the consultation of the production department, we agreed. After 45 days of hard work, we successfully delivered the goods 15 days earlier than expected. After the previous lesson, Elaine paid great attention to the inspection. Half of the quantity was randomly selected for pressure test before delivery, and the result was that there was no oil leakage, then she was relieved to ship the goods.

Each hydraulic component of AAK has been tested by a pressure test bench with complete parameters, and a professional testing master with 7 years' experience is also equipped. Each product is tested at least three times. The quality of the product is strictly controlled according to the specified parameters to ensure sensitivity and zero leakage. AAK quality control is more QC than customer QC.

Half a year later, we received the first repeat order from the Russian customer Elaine. During the same period, new and old orders were continuously signed. Up to now, the volume can reach 1.5 million US dollars per year on average. Since cooperating with us, Elaine seldom cares about product quality. She has been promoted to the manager of purchasing department.

AAK hydraulic valve can guarantee both quality and quantity, what else do you worry about?



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