AAK hydraulic valve with imported piano steel wire spring, another purchaser helps the company to recover customers

2021-01-11 18:17 | Readtime: 3min

Last year, Pushkin, a Russian hydraulic valve buyer, always had the problem of automatic pressure regulation failure on the hydraulic valves he purchased from Guangdong, China, and received many complaints from customers. However, the problem could not be solved 100% by the original supplier. That's really upsetting Pushkin. If not deal with it properly, he will not only lose the job, but the company also has the risk to lose all customers.

For this type of situation, it is most likely the problem of the spring of the hydraulic valve, because for the hydraulic valves with spring by using carbon steel, after repeated use, the resilience of the spring will gradually weaken, resulting in the hydraulic valve pressure and flow regulation failure. The nature of carbon steel is with high carbon content and high hardness, but its plasticity and toughness will be reduced, at the same time, the tensile strength will be weakened, resulting in poor stability, which will affect the adjustment of hydraulic valve. As the hydraulic valve is always in operation, once the spring has a problem, the whole hydraulic system will be paralyzed. The carbon steel is currently the cheapest one and also easy to purchase. In order to save cost and facilitate production, at present, 90% of the manufacturers take carbon steel as the first choice for the spring material, which is already a common phenomenon in the industry.

In order to keep the customers, Pushkin is in urgent need of looking for new suppliers. During this half month in Zhejiang Province, we were introduced to him by friends. After visiting our whole workshop, he took out a draft and asked us to process several samples for him at his cost. Three months later, we received some information from him and also an order for hydraulic valves. At the beginning, he not only asked our company to proofing. In the past three months, he mainly tested the samples of each company, every component and the entire hydraulic system. Finally, besides our company, there was also another company that met his requirements. However, there is a little gap on the internal spring tension test parameters for the hydraulic valves made by our company and another factory. Therefore, he did not hesitate to place the order with AAK.

AAK hydraulic valve has always used the piano steel wire compression spring imported from South Korea. This material has the characteristics of high strength, good elasticity, fatigue resistance, creep resistance and toughness, smooth and clean surface and strong anti rust ability. At the same time, it has the specified tensile strength and torsion performance, and the surface is not allowed to have cracks, folds, scabs, cracks and corrosion etc.

Since last year, Pushkin has purchased hydraulic valves with imported piano steel wire spring from our company for over 530,000 US dollars. Since the use of AAK hydraulic valves, Pushkin has stabilized its old customers without worrying about customers' complaints and returns. Meanwhile, the market reputation is getting better and better. His frequency of returning home and abroad has also decreased, and he has spent more time in Russia.

AAK hydraulic valves, buy at ease, more ease of use!



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Kevin Wang

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