With AAK hydraulic valve, Mr. Li was appointed manager of purchasing department

2021-03-01 17:38 | Readtime: 3min

Mr. Li is a purchaser of a foreign trade company in Guangdong Province. In April this year, two batches of hydraulic valves with a total value of more than 300,000 US dollars were shipped. Due to too much trust in the manufacturer, they ignored the quality control in production, resulting in hidden quality defects such as the valve core deviated from the central shaft. The customer was very angry and asked the company to give solutions within half a month. After knowing this, the boss was also anxious and blamed Mr.Li seriously and asked him to give solution within one week. Due to very limited time, Mr.Li was like an ant on a hot pan.

After some search, Mr. Li found that in the current hydraulic market, more than 90% of the factories use CNC lathe to produce hydraulic valves. Because there are too many uncertain factors in CNC lathe, once you operate the hydraulic valve improperly, it is easy to have assembly error, and the valve core deviates from the central axis and other hidden quality defects. What's more, it's not easy to find out, until the pipeline leaks, it's still not easy to judge whether there is a problem on the valve.

At the 24th Asia international power transmission and control technology exhibition held in Shanghai, Mr. Li came to my booth and took out their shipment samples. I found that the main line was deviated, and the valve core deviated from the central axis, which was almost the hidden problem in the industry. I told him to give some of my samples to the customers, try the quality of AAK hydraulic valve, and compare with the other ones manufactured in China. After one week, Mr. Li called me and confirmed an order of $100,000. I was told that after the exhibition, he arranged to send the samples to foreign customers. As soon as the customers tested, they were very satisfied with the quality of these samples. They not only had good surface gloss, high precision, but also had super sealing performance. At the same time, his boss was very happy to keep the old customer and praised Mr. Li.

In order to achieve zero leakage of the hydraulic valve, AAK Hydraulic Valve imported the Swiss machine with the highest accuracy to make up for the disadvantage of CNC lathe and completely avoid the assembly error caused by operation error. At present, less than 10% of the peers have this equipment. It can replace seven groups of accessories randomly. The precision of high pressure throttle hydraulic valve produced by Swiss equipment is indeed high, which is at least 20% higher than that of domestic conventional CNC lathe.

After three months, Mr. Li issued a $200,000 re-order again, telling me that since the use of AAK hydraulic valve, he successfully retained his major customers and ensured the normal operation of the future orders. At the same time, the boss was so impressed by his ability to handle things and promoted him to be the purchasing manager. When chatting in private, he was still joking, if he had not met us, he might have lost his job, but now he is a purchasing manager.

Do you still worry about leakage if using AAK hydraulic valve?



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Kevin Wang

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