Zero purchased AAK hydraulic valves, which not only solved the problem of returning goods, but he was also promoted to be the first leader in China office.

2021-03-05 17:49 | Readtime: 3min

Zero is from Italy, responsible for purchasing hydraulic valves in East China, and has been doing well. However, he suffered a big loss this time. More than 25% of the pilot type hydraulic valves purchased from China recently will be stuck and out of order after being used for a period of time, which seriously affects the control of pressure and flow. At present, 20% of the products are unsalable. What's more troublesome is that some customers ask for return. The headquarters was very angry and asked for a reasonable solution within 15 days.

For such type of situation, if the internal parameter test of the product is compliant, the problem should be the selection of material, especially the selection of valve sleeve material, which is directly related to the stability of hydraulic valve. The domestic 1214 steel is easy to cut, with high output, and the loss of machining blade is relatively small. Therefore, in order to save cost,most of peers use domestic 1214 steel as valve sleeve. However, the potential problems, such as brittleness and easy deformation due to heat treatment, are often ignored. If the valve sleeve is deformed, it will cause the spring base to get stuck and out of control in the process of tightening and loosening, and affect the control to the pressure and flow.

Through Internet search, Zero found that 40Cr was mentioned in an article about valve sleeve material on our website. So he took the initiative to contact us, and got a detailed understanding of the difference between 40Cr and domestic 1214 steel. Due to the urgent time given by the headquarter, after listening to our analysis, Zero sent us the draft of this order with the mentality of trying, and asked us to use 40Cr material to make samples according to his parameters, so as to compare the quality. Seven days later, Zero received the samples and compared the parameters of our products with the inventory products, and the parameters of the two products were basically consistent, but there is a gap error of several μm on the internal thread of valve sleeve. We told him that it was just such a detail about tiny error that determined the stability of the hydraulic valve. He immediately sent an email to the head officer in the headquarters, stating the problems and solutions, and also placed an order with us.

Why is there an advantage of several μ m on the error? The main reason is that all AAK hydraulic valve sleeves are made of 40Cr. After heat treatment, especially for steel surface hardening such as high frequency quenching and tempering, we have our own professional technology. The toughness, plasticity and wear resistance of the treated valve body can achieve the best comprehensive mechanical properties and enhance the fatigue resistance of the valve body, this is what other materials lack.

Zero purchased AAK hydraulic valves in April the first time. A re-peat order was issued last month, and the quantity was twice as much as last time. He told me that since the use of AAK hydraulic valves, the feedback from users is getting better and better, and the demands is also increasing. The headquarters is very satisfied with him. Today's email tells us that the headquarters has upgraded the East China office to the purchasing headquarters in China. He is the head of the purchasing headquarters.

AAK hydraulic valves use 40Cr as the valve sleeve, the pressure and flow control is not only smooth, but also safe to use, more at ease!



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