AAK guarantees the quality, quantity and delivery, Andreas has saved a major customer with sales of 1.2 million US dollars

2021-03-24 15:00 | Readtime: 3min

Andreas is a purchaser of a hydraulic cartridge valves company in Germany, he has been successful for several years. Recently, due to the delay in the delivery of a special order, the relationship with the customer is very tense. If it is not handled properly, it is easy to lose this big customer with an annual volume of more than 1.2 million US dollars.

The manufacturer promised to deliver the goods within 3 months, but now the production efficiency is slow and the output can't keep up with the previous arrangement. Andreas went to the factory half a month in advance to keep an eye on the goods but it did not work. Everything was smooth from quoting to ordering. He didn't expect that it would end up stuck in the production delivery date. The delivery time was approaching, but the goods could not be delivered. Andreas was helpless and had to negotiate with the client about the delivery extension or order cancellation. The customer is very angry after receiving the email. Cancellation will cause immeasurable loss because it is a special order. The customer is forced to agree to delay for 2 months. Andreas walks on the thin ice, if he does not operate properly, the company will pay a high amount of penalty.

It is the first time for Andreas to encounter such a situation that the delivery time is estimated to be sufficient but goods can not be delivered in the later period. Some domestic manufacturers are not serious about the delivery date at all, because they are used to the domestic sales and the production is slow, and the workers get off on time. If the customer is in a hurry, nearly 90% of the manufacturers will choose to outsource processing. However, due to the uncertain factors of Midway transportation and the quality problems caused due to rush production by different factories, it is inevitable that the quality will be uneven. At the same time, it will not be able to guarantee the customer's delivery time. This is why the delivery time is estimated to be efficient in the early stage, but not in the later stage.

In the face of pressure and lessons, Andreas can only decide to change suppliers to divert orders. During the field visit in Zhejiang, he came to our company by chance. He noticed that we were equipped with a number of high-precision imported CNC lathes and a lot of small-scale processing equipments. Due to no cooperation, he has some concerns about the delivery time and quality of our company. However, he paid attention to many of our tweets, he realized that we are not only professional, but also do hydraulic valves with mindfulness and treat customers with sincerity. Andreas firmly transferred the order to us.

One week after the start of production, Andreas came to our factory and planned to stay for 2 weeks to track the quality and progress. Five days later, he suddenly said that he had to go to other factories for something, and he is OK for us to provide him with daily production report and quality inspection video. After 40 days, mass production was fully completed. On the premise of ensuring the quality, it was finished 15 days ahead of time. Andreas is awed by our credibility.

AAK hydraulic valve factory not only has high-precision imported CNC lathe, but also operates the workshop 24 hours a day. The employees work in two shifts to ensure that the production line is manned all day and the output can be 40% higher than that of peers. At present, 90% of the manufacturers do not have the equipment of this scale.

Two months later, Andreas issued a repeat order. Since cooperating with us, Andreas has not only avoided unnecessary losses in the early stage, but also successfully recovered the reputation of major customers. Since the use of AAK hydraulic valve, the order volume in the same period has gradually increased, and the reputation is getting better and better. He told me privately that it was the boss who asked him to keep track in our factory for two weeks. He stayed for only 5 days and left because he firmly believed that the order would not go wrong.

Guaranteed quality, quantity and delivery, what else do you worry about AAK hydraulic valve?



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Kevin Wang

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