AAK hydraulic valve inner hole does not wear and deformation, orders come one after another

2021-03-30 15:22 | Readtime: 3min

Mr. Chen is the purchasing manager of a well-known foreign trade company in Zhuhai. Recently, a batch of goods produced in other factories had quality problem. With the delivery time approaching, but problem could not be solved, he has a big headache and can not eat or sleep well. A batch of relief valves made of 45 steel were produced under the normal debugging of the lathe, but after inspection, it was found that the inner hole was seriously worn and deformed, not to mention the valve core. Even if re-adjusted the parameters of the lathe, same problem still exists. Due to the serious deformation, the production has to be stopped but the delivery time is approaching, the boss is also in a worry.

After some search, Mr. Chen found that the material of 45 steel is soft and easy to wear. Even after heat treatment, the hardness can not meet the test requirements. Therefore, the use of this material is limited, generally only applicable to the parts with light stress and less wear points. However, in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the hydraulic valve market, many manufacturers choose to use this material for its cheaper price to save cost. Therefore, 45 steel has become the first choice for their processing materials, which results in uneven product quality and market price chaos. Mr. Chen is not an exception, the original focus changed from quality comparison to price comparison.

Through the Internet search, Mr. Chen found our website and checked the parameter list of the relief valve. At the same time, he also noticed that we had an article on steel analysis in the early stage, so he took the initiative to contact our customer service and inquired about some properties and advantages of 40Cr steel material. Finally, with the mentality of trying, he transferred the order to us. After a week, he tested our samples. Mr. Chen didn't expect that the problems of wear and deformation could be solved easily, and the hardness test also went to a new height.

The most commonly used material of AAK hydraulic valve is 40Cr steel. After heat treatment at appropriate temperature, the material not only achieves excellent comprehensive mechanical properties in terms of toughness, plasticity and wear resistance, but also enhances the fatigue resistance and hardenability of the product and prolongs the service life of the product. At the same time, our company has our own special technology on the surface hardening treatment of steel such as high frequency quenching and tempering.

It has been 3 months since we delivered the goods to Mr. Chen. Today, he purchased another batch of relief valves made of 40Cr steel. He told me that since the use of AAK hydraulic valves, customers have no complaints about material wear and leakage, and the purchase volume is gradually increasing. According to the current ordering frequency, the annual sales is expected to have a 30% increase compared with previous years. The boss is very happy and pays more attention to him now.

With AAK hydraulic valves made of 40Cr steel, do you still have the concern of quality comparison?



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Kevin Wang

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