The oil seal clearance of AAK hydraulic valve is 3 times smaller than that of the peers and there is no oil leakage, a customer in Netherlands placed two orders

2021-04-15 17:49 | Readtime: 3min

Jensen is the purchasing manager of a hydraulic valve company in the Netherlands. Recently, he has received continuous complaints. The oil seal effect of a batch of hydraulic valves purchased in March was poor after being used for less than 6 months. At first, it was very good, but the oil leakage occurred after 6 months of use. At present, nearly 20% of users complain directly about this problem, and some ask for return. In view of the seriousness of the problem, the person in charge of after-sales went to the factory with him to investigate the cause. Jensen knows very well that if he can't solve this problem thoroughly, his manager position will not be guaranteed.

In order to find out the reasons in many aspects, Jensen visited many domestic manufacturers. Unfortunately, most manufacturers said that due to the limitation of conditions, they could not find out the cause and could not provide a reasonable solution. Jensen was extremely disappointed and in a bad mood.

Through the introduction of peers, Jensen came to our company with samples. After listening to his intention, we checked the products. It can be said that the quality is quite good, and the naked eye can not find the problem. After an hour and a half of more precise detection, the product parameters were carefully analyzed. The original main problem was caused by the excessive fit clearance between the threaded cartridge valve and the valve block. The inspection showed that the clearance was about 8 μ M-10 μ m, and other parameters were basically normal.

We explained to him that with these parameters, the reason for poor oil seal effect of hydraulic valve is clear. In the current hydraulic valve market, nearly 95% of the manufacturers can only control the gap between 8 μm and 10 μM. After being used for more than 6 months, some hydraulic valves will have slight oil leakage. After listening to this, Jensen understood, and then asked if we had a solution. Compared with his current shipments, the fit clearance of AAK hydraulic valve was reduced to 2-3 μM. Jensen was shocked to see such a big difference in data comparison, so he took a video on the spot and sent our parameter data to the headquarters. The next day Jensen confirmed the quantity of the order with us and signed the PO.

Under the premise of normal use, the shelf life of AAK hydraulic valve can be lasted for 1-2 years, mainly because it is equipped with skilled production masters and advanced production equipment. At the same time, each product must be debugged by the R & D team before production. After all parameters are tested to be qualified, large-scale production can be arranged. This is why the clearance between AAK hydraulic valve and valve block can be controlled within 2-3 μM.

Last week, Jensen came to our factory again and brought a re-peat order, which was 3 times as much as before. In private, he also teased that if he had not met us, he already was not the manager any more. Now he has successfully kept his position and the boss is paying more attention to him.

High quality oil seal effect, AAK hydraulic valve can reach the height that peer can not reach!



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