AAK relief valve must be debugged for 3 times without vibration and noise. Singapore customer placed an order immediately after comparison

2021-04-22 17:30 | Readtime: 3min

AAK relief valve inner hole grinding (internal grinding) has to be debugged for at least 3 times, and large-scale production can be arranged only after seamless connection with valve core, which can avoid vibration and suppress noise. We are proud to say that at present, nearly 90% of manufacturers can not do so.

The relief valves from many manufacturers has a same problem, after being used for some time, there will be varying degrees of vibration and noise. This is due to the neglect of the control of the accuracy of the inner hole, resulting in the roughness of the inner hole. Therefore, in the process of use, after being adjusted several times, the valve core will be stuck, causing the pressure fluctuation of the relief valve, resulting in vibration and noise, which directly affects the normal use of the relief valve.

Some time ago, a Singaporean customer contacted us through the website, and a batch of relief valves was complained by consumers due to quality problems. There is no problem in the test before delivery, but there is noise in the hands of consumers. Nearly 30% of the products in the same batch have this problem.

Since we didn't see the relief valves, we couldn't analyze the specific reasons. We suggested that he send us several samples for detailed analysis. Seven days later, I received the relief valves from him. The surface gloss of these samples is very good. The internal parameter test shows that the accuracy deviation of the inner hole is very large (rough). After adjusting the flow rate for many times, it is easy for the valve core to be stuck, which is the key reason for vibration and noise.

We emailed him the test result, together with our product parameters. After receiving it, the customer immediately called back for consultation. I told him that in order to save costs and pursue production efficiency, many manufacturers ignored the control of inner hole precision in the production process. As long as consumers use it several times, the valve core will be stuck, resulting in the main valve not opening up or the main valve closing without pressure relief, which will cause the pressure fluctuation of the relief valve and cause vibration and noise. At the same time, the customer compared our relief valve parameters and was very shocked, so he requested us to send some samples at their cost to them for comparison.

Half a month after sending the samples, we received an order from him. After the comparison test, the customer confirmed that there was no noise problem in the AAK relief valves, and the parameters were acceptable to them, so they decided to place an order with AAK.

In order to avoid the vibration and noise problems caused by the stuck valve core, AAK has already controlled the precision during the punching and grinding of the inner hole in the early stage, and each batch of relief valve must be debugged for 3 times to ensure the seamless connection with the valve core. After confirming that the processing accuracy is qualified, large-scale production can be arranged. In fact, only every process is not careless, a good relief valve can be made. The principle is simple, but often 90% of the manufacturers do not take it seriously.

Vibration and noise? You will not have this problem if using AAK flow valve. It is also not expensive because it is easy to use - great qualitywithouttrouble.



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