AAK relief valve uses imported piano steel wire, thepressure springhas no noise, and 90% of the factory can do, but do not want to do

2021-04-26 17:47 | Readtime: 3min

AAK relief valve has already used Korean piano steel wire instead of carbon steel as the core material of pressure spring for a long time, which completely solves the vibration and noise problems caused by the deformation of pressure spring, which is not the only advantage of AAK relief valve. At present, nearly 90% of the factories can't do it, even if they think about it, they don't do it.

In the domestic market, many manufacturers do use carbon steel as pressure spring for relief valve. Carbon steel is cheap, easy to process and has high production efficiency. However, there may be a hidden and fatal problem. The hardness of carbon steel increases with the increase of carbon content, which leads to the decrease of plasticity and toughness, the weakening of tensile strength and the deterioration of stability. In use, as long as the spring is adjusted many times, the spring deformation is obvious and the resilience is weakened, which leads to the uneven pressure distribution and the radial force imbalance of the poppet valve, and causes the vibration and noise of the relief valve.

Mr.Wang, manager of a foreign trade company in Shenzhen, purchased a batch of relief valves in Zhejiang in the first half of this year. Now the customer complained that nearly 20% of the relief valves have vibration and noise phenomenon, seriously affecting the normal use of the relief valve. In order to find out the reason, Mr. Wang spent half a month in the main production base of hydraulic valve in China (Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang), and visited several manufacturers continuously.

The peer suggested him to contact AAK. After he arrived at our factory, we disassembled his relief valve sample and tested the parameters of the main parts such as the inner hole and spring. The results showed that the accuracy of the inner hole of the relief valve had reached the normal standard, but the tensile strength of the spring was not enough, which was the reason that affected the normal use of the overflow valve.

As early as five years ago, we have replaced carbon steel with piano steel wire to avoid vibration and noise caused by deformation of compression spring, and AAK relief valve has never received any complaints from customers.

After comparing the parameters of our relief valve assembled with the piano steel wire spring, he brought back some AAK relief valves for testing. About a week later, we received an order of 20,000 US dollars from the company of manager Wang.

AAK relief valve has been using Korean imported piano steel wire as the pressure spring. This material has high intensity, anti-fatigue performance, creep resistance, excellent flexibility and anti-corrosion. At the same time, its tensile strength is obviously much better than carbon steel. It is the first material choice for the pressure spring of AAK Hydraulic valves.

Why are orders for AAK hydraulic valves increasing? Because we've been working on small details and solving big problems one by one.




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