AAK hydraulic valve has no leakage, an American customer placed the first order for 100,000 US dollars

2021-04-28 08:31 | Readtime: 2min

The roughness of the mounting surface of the hydraulic valve will seriously affect the leakage of the hydraulic system. The roughness Ra of most factory mounting surfaces is generally 0.9-1.0 μm, while AAK can achieve less than 0.8 μm, which completely solves the external leakage of the hydraulic system. After comparative testing, an American customer finally decided to place order with AAK.

Many domestic factories ignore the accurate grinding of the mounting surface of the hydraulic valve, resulting in the rough surface of the products and the weakening of the sealing during the installation process, resulting in the increase of leakage.

Andy, an American customer who didn't cooperate with us two years ago, recently contacted us again after being recommended by his good friend Jone to inquire about the leakage of the hydraulic valve. He has an order, 15% of the hydraulic valves have the leakage problem, the manufacturer has not been able to give an effective solution.

We suggest Andy sending us the sample of hydraulic valve for analysis. A week later, we received the sample of hydraulic valve. After testing, it is found that the roughness of the mounting surface of these hydraulic valves is 1.2 μm, 1.0 μm and 0.9 μm. the roughness fluctuates and cannot be stabilized in a standard range, which is the cause of the leakage of the hydraulic valves. After giving feedback on the test results, we told Andy that the roughness of the AAK hydraulic valve mounting surface was controlled within 0.8 μ m at present, and we also sent three hydraulic valve samples to him for reference.

A month later, this American customer, who had never thought of cooperating with AAK, placed an order worth 106,000 US dollars to us. He told us that he have been paying attention to the quality of AAK hydraulic valve in recent years. This time, because of the strong recommendation of our American customer and our professional problem-solving skills, he has strengthened his determination to cooperate with us.

AAK hydraulic valve pay great attention to external leakage, quality control of sealing ring and roughness control of mounting surface, never careless, through precise CNC lathe instrument, adjust parameters to conduct mounting surface grinding test for many times, and grinding again, until the Ra value is less than 0.8 μm, it is qualified, this is far more than 95% of peers.

To achieve zero leakage of the hydraulic valve, AAK is the right choice!




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Kevin Wang

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