AAK relief valve has never had a squeal problem, Dutch custo

2021-04-29 16:54 | Readtime: 2min

AAK relief valve strictly controls the roundness error of oil sealing surface within 0.005 - 0.01mm, so as to avoid unbalanced force of pressure regulating spring due to rough circumferential surface, which aggravates the oscillation of poppet valve and causes squeal problem. Dutch customer directly placed an order after comparing several relief valves from different factories.

Recently, a customer mentioned that the relief valves purchased from some manufacturers have a scream after being used for a period of time. After further understanding, it is found that many manufacturers do not control the roundness error of the sealing surface accurately. The test results show that the roundness error of the sealing surface of the pilot relief valve produced by some manufacturers is generally between 0.012 - 0.02, which will inevitably lead to unbalanced force to the pressure spring, aggravate the oscillation of the poppet valve, resulting in squeal phenomenon.

In mid-December, Mathias, a Dutch customer, contacted us through his friend Andreas. Nearly 10% of the relief valves that he recently purchased elsewhere have quality problems, which seriously affect the normal use of the hydraulic valve system.

Each manufacturer's production process, precision processing are different, we cannot give an accurate solution before we see the product. Mathias arranged to send out several hydraulic valves in stock on the same day. A week later, we tested the parameters of the samples we received. After testing, we found that the circumferential surface of these products was rough and the roundness error was between 0.012 mm and 0.02mm, which made the relief valve squeal. We sent the test parameters and analysis results to Mathias, and told him that the roundness error of the sealing oil surface of AAK hydraulic valve can be accurately controlled within 0.005 - 0.01mm. At the same time, we attached the parameter comparison of similar models, which is what many peers lack at present.

Seeing nearly twice the error control, but also out of the trust of his friend Andreas, Mathias placed the first order of more than 60,000 US dollars the next day, and stressed that it must be produced according to the existing parameters of AAK, which strictly controls the roundness error of the sealing surface of the hydraulic valve.

AAK Hydraulic valve is an enterprise that is obsessive about cleanliness. It strictly controls the quality of its products. Since the start of the factory, it has constantly updated its advanced measuring instruments. From traditional calipers to today's electronic measuring instruments, it accurately controls the error range to ensure the normal use of the products. This is why AAK can achieve nearly twice the error control for the same roundness of sealing surface.

With the AAK hydraulic valve, there is no harsh scream.  www.aakindustry.com



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