Is it 35% cheaper than AAK hydraulic valve? American customer is cheated and then return to AAK to place orders

2021-05-05 17:43 | Readtime: 2min

2 years ago, an American customer came to AAK to purchase a batch of hydraulic valves with special requirements. After receiving the shipment, the customer was full of praise for the quality. 3 months later, the re-peat order asked for a 35% discount, because he found a factory 35% cheaper than ours. We feel very confused. As far as we know, the hydraulic valve with special requirements is unlikely to sell at such a low price, but the customer still insists on it. We can only remind the customer to confirm the product quality before placing an order, so as to avoid being cheated. In the following year, we took the initiative to contact the customer, and the customer did not reply to us.

In November, the American customer contacted us again, and we asked why the customer chose to place an order with AAK again? The customer said that the quality of the hydraulic valves they purchased from other factories was unstable. Some of them leaked oil, some of them made noise, and some of them had problems maintaining pressure. As a result, their working stopped for several months. His boss was very disappointed with him. He also tried to take samples from other factories, but found that the quality of AAK hydraulic valve is the most stable. They are worried about whether we have increased the price, our answer is: the product quality is still high quality, the price is still the same. Last week we received his third re-peat order.

AAK hydraulic valve is favored by customers all over the world. I always associate quality with my own character. If something is wrong, it means that my character is wrong. The topic of quality has been talked about countless times. This is something that almost everyone talks about, but how many people are determined, sincere and have the ability to ensure quality and quantity at the same time? My idea is different from that of my peers. People talk about price before quality, but I insist on quality before price. People choose steel which is easy to process, but I choose steel which has stable performance, so as to better ensure product quality. This is the advantage of AAK hydraulic valve.

I am a "face" person, cannot tolerate quality errors. To tell you the truth, most of the time, at all costs, we have to keep the quality of the hydraulic valve. Sometimes the profit is very small, but we have won the long-term customers of the hydraulic valve.

Cooperation with AAK, cooperation is character.



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Kevin Wang

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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