Meticulously production attitude, American customer finally chose to cooperate with AAK

2021-05-10 16:09 | Readtime: 3min

5 years ago, Mike was the backbone of a hydraulic valve company in the United States, responsible for domestic purchasing. Unexpectedly, he was arranged by the company to set up an office in China, so he had to bite the bullet and left his warm home for China. In Ningbo, he found many factories, but has not found any qualified suppliers. The U.S. headquarters is not satisfied with the progress of his work.

At that time of 5 years ago, due to the limitation of process equipment, the accuracy and stability of most of the hydraulic valves could not meet the requirements of the customers. At the same time, the operators were not skilled, they were in a hurry for delivery, and the quality of the shipments was uneven.

Some peers introduced AAK to Mike. He came to our workshop and didn't take a look at our equipment. He was not very satisfied with most of our hydraulic valves. We felt his disappointment. When he saw the whole production process of processing the core hole in the center of the hydraulic valve block, he stayed there for almost 7 minutes to pay attention to our operators' techniques. In the end, he left without saying anything.

At that time, we also knew that the equipment was our short board, but we put great importance to the processing of the core hole in the center of the hydraulic valve block, and took this as the core position. Only the operator with at least 3 years of experience can be at this position. In order to meet the requirements of the drawing - H7 tolerance level, roundness 0.005mm, cylindricity 0.005mm, roughness Ra0.8, two hole coaxiality 0.1mm, we adopted the processing technology of drilling, boring, reaming and rolling. Firstly, the bottom hole is processed to the processing capacity of φ 13 by alloy drill; secondly, the two-way boring is carried out with the coarse boring cutters of φ 13.8 and φ 15.1 to ensure the position accuracy of the hole; thirdly, the alloy reamer of φ 13.99 is used to stabilize the diameter of the hole. Finally, the size accuracy of the hole can be ensured by the adjustable rolling tool, and the roughness value required by the drawing can be achieved at the same time. Since in the industry for 10 years, AAK hydraulic valve has always been in the meticulous production attitude, and received support from a lot of customers.

After Mike visited the workshop, 3 days later, he gave us a drawing and asked us to make sample within 5 days. Finally, we became his first supplier in Ningbo. In the past 5 years, Mike purchased more and more from us year by year. He returned to the headquarters 2 years ago and is now the general director of overseas purchasing. By chance, I asked him why he had changed his view on AAK and chose to cooperate with us. He said that at that time, the hydraulic valve production equipment of many manufacturers were not mature, and the meticulous production state of AAK hydraulic valve employees conquered him. Fortunately, the whole production team of AAK hydraulic valve has never let him down in terms of quality and delivery date.

Meticulous production attitude is the premise of quality assurance of AAK hydraulic valve, welcome to try an order!



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Kevin Wang

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