AAK hydraulic valve has the quality that peers can't do. A Spanish customer chose a cheaper price but still moved the order back to AAK finally

2021-05-17 17:13 | Readtime: 2min

In August last year, a Spanish customer paid for the proofing fee and asked us to proofing according to his drawings. After receiving the approval samples, he was very satisfied with the quality. In the order confirmation stage, he was not satisfied with our quotation, and his target price was 20% lower than our quote. We tactfully told that for such a high quality hydraulic valve, we are indeed the most favorable price. After this email, we have no information about this guest any more.

A few days ago, the Spanish customer sent us an email asking if we are interested in continuing to make their order for hydraulic control check valve according to the price discussed in August last year. We asked the customer why they chose to place an order with AAK again. The customer said that last year, because he thought our price was too high, he chose another supplier.

In the later communication, I learned that the price of the factory they cooperated with last time was 20% cheaper than ours, so he chose to place an order for this factory. However, in the inspection stage, the quality of the bulk goods went wrong. Nearly 20% of the products produced can not return to the initial oil sealing position when they are closed, or when they are closed in the reverse direction, the valve core can not strictly seal the liquid flow and cause leakage, or they can not reach the reverse unloading. He can't deliver goods of this quality, and the factory doesn't cooperate with him to produce again. He also tried to let other manufacturers to proofing, but the parameters of the hydraulic check valve sample are not stable, he did not dare to place an order.

This time, in order to ensure the quality and free of trouble, he decided to choose AAK again. The next day, we received this return order from him as scheduled.

AAK hydraulic valve is tolerant to all cooperative customers. We don't force customers to place orders, or deliberately cater to customers' low price demand to make low-quality hydraulic valves. Customers who choose AAK hydraulic valve don't believe in low price and good quality. High price has its own quality and after-sales service that low price can't make.

AAK hydraulic valve focus on brand and reputation, do not do poor business, do not do business that just comparing price, do not do credit orders.  www.aakindustry.com 



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Kevin Wang

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