AAK relief valve hydraulic system has pressure for 100%, successfully save VIP customer of a California company

2021-05-19 15:41 | Readtime: 2min

Caleb is the purchasing manager of Red and White Valve company in California. He is responsible for purchasing all the hydraulic valves in China. This time, he fell over the hydraulic system of the relief valve. Nearly 20% of the relief valves purchased have no pressure in the hydraulic system during commissioning, then the customer have not been able to receive the full shipment due to shortage resulted from defective products.The general manager of import dept was angry and asked Caleb to meet the demand of this VIP customer within 3 weeks. However, the original supplier is in lack of technology, and always get no accurate solution. For getting into this trouble, even the delicious Chinese dishes he has always liked are now dull.

There are several situations that lead to no pressure in the hydraulic system of the relief valve:

1. The relief valve is not cleaned during the assembly process, and there are foreign matters between the valve core and the valve seat.

2. Due to low accuracy, the main valve core is stuck.

As long as the accuracy of the valve core and sleeve is guaranteed and attention is paid to the details in the assembly process, this phenomenon can be completely eliminated.

In the middle of January 2021, Caleb contacted us from the Internet. At that time, because the employees in the factory were busy on catching up delivery, they didn't notice his email that day. The next day, Caleb contacted us by landline. After a brief introduction and discussion, he hoped that our technical team would have an immediate conference call with him. After more than 2 hours of talking, he asked us to pay attention to his email, and then happily hung up. Ten minutes later, we received a relief valve design drawing and a relief valve stock sample picture from Caleb, he asked us to submit the sample within 10 days. Soon, we sent samples of relief valve in 5 days. We also received the sample fee and express fee that he paid voluntarily.

Half a month later, we still didn't hear back from Caleb. We thought that he didn't plan to proceed with this order. Surprisingly, when we came back from Spring Festival and opened our email, we found that Caleb's order was already there during the Spring Festival. Later, we learned that he asked for more than one suppliers to send samples. Finally, through parameter comparison and our proofing efficiency, he decided to cooperate with AAK without hesitation.

Yesterday, I interacted with Caleb on LinkedIn and learned that their VIP customer was very satisfied with the speed of their company's problem solving. The general manager of import dept also praised him at the summary meeting in January and called on other managers to keep up with him.

AAK hydraulic valve is not only professional for precision, but also for details, waiting for your drawings for cooperation. www.aakindustry.com



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