AAK one-way valve changed to use fluorine rubber seal, North Carolina customer placed the first order for $36,000

2021-06-04 11:30 | Readtime: 3min

Leo, a hydraulic valve customer from North Carolina, recently ordered a one-way valve for forklift hydraulic system. Several approval samples could not be confirmed by his customer because of "slight error in some parameters". His customer was about to cancel the order. He is very anxious, there has been no suitable factory to cooperate with proofing.

Leo found our website on Google and sent an email asking if we could make a high demand check valve. After several times of communication, we learned that he received samples from several manufacturers but all the parameters of the hydraulic valves could not meet the standard. He asked whether we could help arrange proofing. To be safe, we asked if we can check the samples and parameters of the hydraulic valves that are not up to the standard first? A week later, we received the hydraulic valve samples from our Leo. After routine inspection, we found that the quality of these hydraulic valve samples was good. We were also confused why these hydraulic valves could not meet the standard.

If something goes wrong, there should a problem somewhere. We began to disassemble the hydraulic valve and eliminate the problem step by step. We found a little fluid mark on the surface of the seal ring of the hydraulic valve. Is there a mismatch between the seal ring and the medium? In the case of pressure and medium flow, the error of flow parameters does exist. We have found the reason why the samples of hydraulic valve can not be confirmed, the NBR seal is not suitable for the forklift hydraulic system. Perhaps few manufacturers will take the time to think and solve the problem. On the contrary, after two days of research, trial, analysis and discussion, AAK determined that fluororubber sealing ring is more suitable for such media, and its sealing performance and stability are more suitable than nitrile rubber sealing ring.

After 7 days, we successfully made several hydraulic valves, tested them by the test bench to make sure that the parameters were correct, then we sent the samples to Leo. After receiving the samples of our hydraulic valves, the engineer did not expect that their final customer was very satisfied with all the parameters of our samples after testing and analysis. The day after Leo received the samples, we also received his first order for the check valve worth more than 3,6000 US dollars.

Some factories are not willing to do simple hydraulic valves, but they are not able to do complex hydraulic valves well. The main reason is that the manufacturers do not have the awareness of craftsmen and ignore the control of details. The reason why AAK hydraulic valve quality has been recognized by customers all over the world in the past decade is that we always control details meticulously, can not tolerate a little sand, and always believe that details determine success or failure!

AAK hydraulic valve details control, save you time, AAK hydraulic valve craftsman consciousness, save you effort. www.aakindustry.com



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Kevin Wang

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