The inductance measuring instrument is installed on each lathe, and each part size of AAK hydraulic valve is accurate

2021-06-07 14:59 | Readtime: 3min

The inductance measuring instrument is installed on every lathe, grinder and other equipment to ensure that the diameter, roundness and verticality of each part are displayed in time. The size of each part is accurate, and its accuracy can reach 0.5-1 μ m, and the parameters will be more than twice that of the same industry. This is unexpected to other manufacturers. German customer immediately sent an inquiry after visiting AAKHydraulic Valve factory.

I still remember that at the end of BMW Shanghai 2018, Friedrich, a German customer, was very interested in AAK hydraulic valve. He asked me at that time, "How can the parameters of your products of the same type of hydraulic valve be better than those of other manufacturers?" I wittily replied that the thermometer is the key to the accuracy of temperature, if the measuring instruments of each factory are different, there must be parameter differences. As we were busy on closing up the booth, Igavehim a business card before left and told him that if there is any problem, he would contact me at any time.

Two years later, Friedrich suddenly called me and said that he had arrived at the gate of our factory. At that time, I was very shocked. After further communication, I realized that he browsed many articles on our website, which was very enlightening. I showed him around the production workshop and told him the reasons for our advantages. He was shown the inductance meter. This instrument mainly uses the relative displacement of the inductance coil in the side head to display the measured size on the analog meter or digital meter through amplification, phase sensitive detection, analog-to-digital conversion, etc. its accuracy can reach 0.5-1 μ m, and its parameters will be nearly 2 times better than those in the same industry. It can accurately measure the size, which is the lack of other measuring instruments.

We use this advantage to install the inductance measuring instrument on each lathe, grinder and other mechanical processing equipment, which can measure the diameter, roundness, perpendicularity, etc. of the parts, and the processing size is indicated by the digital display meter of the inductance micrometer at any time, so that the operator can intuitively control it; and the micrometer can be given the required size in advance to make the processing to the required size. It will stop feeding and carry out the next action automatically. This can produce high-precision parts, but also reduce the waste rate of parts.

After listening to my introduction, Friedrich suddenly realized andrecognized the accuracy of our products. Then he talked with us about some cooperation matters. Before going back, he asked us to prepare several samples for him to take back. After 15 days, Friedrich sent us an inquiry andemphasizedthe accuracy requirement of the product.We checked carefully and offered our quote based on his drawings and additional requirements. Three days later,Friedrich issued the official PO with amount of $100,000.

For the process quality control like AAK hydraulic valve, the peers have not thought of it. Our parameters are more than 2 times better than those of peers.



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Kevin Wang

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