AAK relief valve has no pressure loss, saving VIP customer for a Spanish client

2021-06-08 17:08 | Readtime: 3min

The relief valve hydraulic system produced by AAK has pressure for 100%, the stability is over 90% of the peers, which helped a Spanish importer became more and more important for his VIP customer.

At present, in the domestic market, more than 90% of the manufacturers' hydraulic system will have the case of no pressure, because of the assembly process is not cleaned enough, leading to the existence of foreign bodies between the valve core and the valve seat. However, one of the most important reasons is that the accuracy of the product is not enough, so that the valve core is stuck in the process of use, the pressure is abnormal, and the manufacturer has to catch up with the schedule and save the cost. Under these conditions, there are many problems, and of course, customer complaints are increasing.

A Spanish importer of hydraulic valves purchased a batch of relief valves in China some time ago. Nearly 20% of the relief valves had unstable pressure, and there was no pressure in the hydraulic system during use, which resulted in that they could not be supplied to his customers in time. The VIP customer of the company complained to his boss because he couldn't receive enough goods.

After knowing this, the bossdemanded to meet the quantity required by this VIP customer within 3 weeks. However, the original supplier's technology suck up and always failed to get the exact solution. When he hesitated, he happened to see the link of our AAK website on Google. After further checking, he took the initiative to contact us. After a brief introduction and discussion, he hoped that our technical team would have a meeting with him now. After more than 2 hours of communication, he sent us a design drawing and inventory sample picture of the relief valve, and asked us to submit our approval sample within 10 days. Soon, we sent the relief valve sample within 5 days, and also received the sample fee and express fee he paid voluntarily.

A month later, I received this order contract in the early morning, which I thought it was not going to carry out. Later I learned that he had asked many manufacturers to send samples. Finally, through parameter comparison, the stability of our AAK relief valve and our proofing efficiency were recognized by their VIP customer. So they decided to place an order with AAK without hesitation.

In order to make sure that the produced relief valve have pressure for 100% in the hydraulic system, during the assembly process, AAK relief valve is cleaned 3 times with oil to clean the foreign matters between the valve core and the valve seat, and then each relief valve is tested with a precision inductance measuring instrument to ensure the stability of each AAK relief valve and avoid the valve core sticking. AAK has meticulous production attitude, not only to keep pace with the times on the technology, but also the stability of AAK relief valve can catch up with and surpass 90% of its peers.

AAK relief valve has excellent technology, high stability, welcome to try! www.aakindustry.com



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