AAK Hydraulic Valve ensures 0.8 μm accuracy and no leakage. A Spanish customeris enthusiastic and placed the re-peat order

2021-06-11 14:40 | Readtime: 3min

The roughness of the mounting surface below 0.8μm has always been the mandatory quota of AAKHydraulic Valve to against leakage. By controlling the roughness of the seal ring and the mounting surface, and adjusting the parameters, the mounting surface is grinded for many times to ensure that leakage is avoideduntil every AAK hydraulic valve is not likely to leak. The roughness of the mounting surface can be controlled below 0.8μm, which is difficult for domestic peers to achieve.

Juan is the purchasing director of a Spanish hydraulic valve company in China market. One of his regular customers increases the orders by more than 30% every year. Some time ago, the old customer gave him an order with high precision requirements, and the roughness of the mounting surface of the hydraulic valve should be less than 0.8μm. According to his current understanding, the roughness of installation surface in Chinese factories is generally between 0.9-1.0 μm, which is difficult to meet the requirements of the customer. He did not dare to refuse the order from this old customer, but also worried about the quality not meeting the requirements, so he was in a dilemma.

Juan asked all his suppliers, but no factory could guarantee this accuracy. At the moment of hesitation, Juan contacted us through the introduction of a factory, and expressed his concerns and the customer's requirements for the product. I also explained to him that 95% of domestic manufacturers often neglect the accurate grinding of the mounting surface of hydraulic valves, resulting in rough surface of products produced, the roughness values of mounting surface are usually 1.2μm, 1.0μm, or 0.9μm etc. The control range fluctuates and cannot be stabilized in a standard range, which leads to the weakening of sealing during the installation process. Once the roughness is not well controlled, the leakage will increase, and then affect the normal operation of the whole hydraulic system. It is a critical value for the roughness of the mounting surface to reach 0.8μm, which is also lacking in the technology of many manufacturers.

Juan bought 5 samples from our company and went back to do parameter testing. 15 days later, Juan sent his order to us. After repeated confirmation,wewere advised that his customer was very satisfied with our product parameters. Before placing the order, the customer repeatedly stressed that the production should strictly follow the standard of the samples and designated our factory to produce the order for him.

It's been two months since we delivered the goods to Juan. Last week, he sent AAK a repeat order for $80,000, and told me that since the use of AAK hydraulic valve with surface roughness less than 0.8μm, this old customer has sent him more and more inquiries for the high-precision hydraulic valve, which has also led to the increase of orders for other hydraulic valves. Now the order volume in a quarter is more than twice that in the same period. Now the boss is paying more and more attention to him, and he is working harder and harder.

The high precision AAK hydraulic valve guarantees the accuracy of 0.8μm and no leakage, which makes the domestic peers despair. www.aakindustry.com



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